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Terms and Conditions of use - Developers

Why to sell on Osclass Point Marketplace?

  • Low commision for market
  • No invoicing
  • Withdraw anytime to PayPal or Bank account
  • Technical support for developers


Who can sell?

Every developer is more than welcome to sell products on our market. First developer must contact Osclass Point team with request to become seller on marketplace. It is required to prove at least advanced skills with PHP, HTML and Osclass itself, so developer can fully understand possible issues and bugs and help customers that bought products of this developer. Person or company requesting ability to sell on osclasspoint.com may not be accepted, if one or more conditions are not met:

  • it's not possible to prove origin of products or;
  • product seems to be duplicated or;
  • product provides same functionality as existing one or;
  • developer's communication and programming skills does not met requirements of Osclass Point or;
  • product is not functional

Seller requests are handled in 1 business day. Once seller has been approved, products can be added and provided for sale to customers of Osclass Point Market.


Conditions for sellers

In order to keep quality of products and services provided by Osclass Point, each seller must accept following conditions:

  • New products
    Every product is validated by Osclass Point team. Validation consist from product sheet validation (category, title, description, ...) and product file validation (quality, installable, functional,...). Once both validations are completed, product is available for sale immediately. Osclass Point reserve right to reject product from sale for any reason.
  • Pre-sale questions
    Seller should answer pre-sale questions on it's products and provide appropriate answers for seller questions.
  • Customer's support
    Provide apropriate support to customers. Communicate in polite, friendly, fair and open way. Seller should reply to each question no longer than in 3 business days, average reply time should be under 1 business day. Support must be provided minimum 3 months from purchase.

  • Updates
    Product must be updated on our marketplace immediately when there exist newer version. Our team will validate all products in 3 business days. Osclass compatibility should be set for each update, in case it has changed. If there are no compatibility restrictions, leave these fields blank. Seller can provide short description for customers what has been updated or improved.
  • Taxes
    Value added tax is paid in Slovak Republic (Europe Union) and is 20%. Tax is added to price automatically, therefore seller should put price for product excluding Tax. Sellers should be aware of tax and income policy in own country.

  • Commision
    Osclass Point Marketplace commision for each sale is 25% out of price excl. Tax. Revenues can be calculated using formula: [sold amount excl. Tax] * (1-0.75); for 100€ sold excl. Tax, revenue for seller is 75€. What is covered by this commision can be found in section bellow.
  • Invoicing
    All invoices requested by customers are handled by Osclass Point team, sellers and developers has more time for improvements on their products.
  • Withdraw
    Seller can withdraw earnings/revenue anytime and each withdraw request will be processed in 10 business days. Until last withdraw request is not completed, seller cannot request new one. Minimum withdraw amount is 100€. To withdraw earnings seller submit invoice to Osclass Point to pay seller commision of 75% on sold products, invoice must be issued against our company.
  • Reviews and ratings
    Osclass Point does measurements of sellers to provide these information to customers - speed of replies on support, overal seller rating, how long is seller active and others. Different seller ranks can be created based on measured criterias.


Commision to Osclass Point

Osclass Point takes commision 25% for each sale on market and following services are covered by this commision:

  • Support for developers - we help developers in critical issues with their products
  • Invoicing - we take care of issuing invoices for customers
  • Visibility - we make sure that no developer, nor our own mark, are preferred in sales; same visibility for all sellers is guaranteed
  • Forums - we provide ability to every seller to have own thread on Osclass Point support forums with moderator privileges to better and more effectively handle support request


We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions of Use, including our Privacy Policy, with or without notice to the User. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting. Your continued use of our Service and this Site following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified Terms.