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Radius Search Plugin
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Osclass plugin that allows you to extend osclass search to search also in distance/radius of city or location, show map with latest listings, map with search listings or related listings.

Radius Search plugin should be essential for classifieds that rely too much on location, like car sale. Plugin functionality is wide and allows to show listings on map or enable users to search in radius around some location, for example around their city. Also to map add feature to show listings near to user or calculate distance of listing location from user location.

Radius search functionality

  • first you generate coordinates to your cities and listings
  • once coordinates are successfully attached, when new listing is added, coordinates are found automatically on background
  • if there is listing placed in city you do not have coordinates, script will also find this city in database and save coordinates
  • choose if you want to show input or select box for distance and measure (km / mile)
  • map on search page reacts to search parameters
  • show listings by it's location (country/region/city) or all listings
  • limit maximum count of listings on map
  • show only listings in same category on item page
  • show only premiums on map
  • now plugin works even you have javascript errors on your site
  • define map width & height for each page (home, search & item)

Coordinates upload and initial setup

  • use Google Geolocation Script included in plugin - this script is restricted on 2500 tasks per day from 1 url, that is why we created own load script of coordinates you can download from web 
  • download file with coordinates from web (free from - following step by step instruction you can upload coordinates from file - you can download file from web for free - work perfectly also for huge countries (tested on 40 000 cities and works perfect) - breaking script into smaller time parts solved problem with too big queries and for cycles 

To enable Geo location to users (HTML5), it is required to have SSL certificate on your classifieds (nulled).

Support forums

Theme features and functionality

Require theme modifications
Require PHP skills
Add front office functionality

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Current version is v2.5.3
Last update 4 months ago (10. Apr 2018)
Product supports osclass 3.0 or higher
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Excellent by on 21. Feb 2018

The product is very good to use and works with any theme you choose. Fulfilling Classified needs. Thanks.
17.99 €
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Rating 4.2 based on 62 reviews
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