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Tatiana Osclass Theme
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Premium osclass responsive theme with smart functions to bring best experience to users.

Tatiana Osclass Responsive Premium theme belongs to one that defined standards with osclass themes, brought ton of new functions that are not available in other themes and provided eye-catching design that will be remembered by every user.

Smart location selection

  • based on theory that user is interested in cities (and listings) only in 1 region
  • when user select region, he automatically go to next site that is filtered by this region
  • when user want to select city, he see only cities in current region
  • if user want to check another region, only select other region from select box and got list of cities in this region
  • location is remembered also when user go to listing's page so he can continue in search also from there

Smart category selection

  • based on same theory as for location, 99% of users are looking for item in particular category, so why to show him all subcategories that is not interested in?
  • when user select category, he automatically filter listings by this category and get list of subcategories in this cat
  • when user want to check another category, simply switch category in select box and again got subcategories in this category
  • category is remembered also when user go to listing's page so he can continue in search also from there

Smart search sidebar

  • shows list of regions and cities in country
  • if country / region / city has no listings, it is hidden
  • only current user country is open on page-load (so when user is from US, he see opened only US regions and cities)
  • in sidebar, user see only 3 subcategories from each if he did not selected any category
  • when parent or child category is selected, all subcategories in this parent (or siblings in child) category are show, other keep collapsed
  • selected child & parent category is highlighted, parent category contains also listings count

Other features of Tatiana theme

  • do you think Public Profile of user is useless? Not anymore
  • perfectly made design for this feature makes dashboard for every registered user that can use this page as own advertisement
  • theme looks perfectly on any device, regardless of it's screen size
  • supported device width is from 170px and more (99.99% of mobile devices & smartphones has at least 240px screen width)
  • theme automatically change alignment of elements to get highest performance and user friendly look to user, so nothing is small or unaligned.
  • now also unregistered user can insert own phone number that is show on listing's page
  • when user register and enter another phone number, that one inserted in adding listing is rewritten
  • alternative category select that is perfect for smartphone users
  • when publishing new listing, user can Enter price or select option (Free, Check with Seller)
  • facebook like and facebook share buttons integrated
  • new look on Comments Feature - now it is used Review & Feedback section for listing (it makes better sense than comments)
  • when you user is searching, he can select option to open listings in new window without any required action
  • language bar with flags of every country
  • new footer with great design
  • status bar of your classified website above footer
  • other way in showing "grid view" when searching
  • comfortable category image uploader from oc-admin
  • advanced 404 error page 
  • change currency in price input (min/max) in search bar easily in oc-admin

Plugins delivered with theme

We have customized plenty of free plugins to match theme design so there is no action needed when plugins are installed. Those will automatically show in theme without need of modifications. Note that plugins are originally free and we deliver them as free, therefore support to theme does not include support to these plugins.


Plugins list:

  • Facebook Connect - integrated in theme so when you install this plugin, only insert secret keys and you are working
  • Profile Picture - used on listing's page & comments, also integrated in whole user dashboard, customized to match Tatiana design in User Profile so it looks like build-in feature
  • Watchlist Plugin - included on listing's page and also in user dashboard, everything works like a charm
  • Related Ads Plugin - customized design and made full responsive
  • Google Maps - implemented in listing's page together with locations to get better performance
  • Listing Status - integrated in theme to match design and looks like core feature
  • Print Ad, Print PDF - allows user to get printer-friendly version and PDF version of listing's page
  • QR Code - working like full responsive
  • List Seller Items
  • Scroll Top
  • Social Bookmarks (nulled)
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Not Smart on SEO by :

19. Jan 2018 - This theme is Not SEO Friendly , Its means significantly affect My site SEO outcomes, so You need to Update SEO Friendly on next version , Other vise , other Function is good , So you have Update your theme in To ensure that
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Thanks for comment by MB Themes:

19. Jan 2018 - Hello Syed, Based on your comments on support forums most of your request were not related to SEO in any way.
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Rating 4 based on 12 reviews
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27 products developed
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