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Looking to transfer from Flynax or Yclass to osclass, but want to keep your listings as well? Or simply want to feed listings from local or external file? Check our listing import plugin for osclass!

Import ads from CSV, XML or JSON

Ad Importer Plugin for Osclass is powerful tool for importing and loading listings from different sources, can be local or simply external URL, only what is needed to keep proper format of file. In both cases, file must be flat (not nested).

Import features

  • import listings from local file in your computer or from external file accessible via URL
  • fields management of imported file, no need to keep any kind of naming
  • supported formats: CSV, XML, JSON
  • schedule report via cron
  • limit file size
  • limit items to be loaded
  • data verification against current osclass database
  • nofitication via email
  • sample data files for each time as well as SQL to export data from osclass
  • local files management
  • logging feature of import

Files management

To import listings, there are 2 options. Use local file and upload it to plugin, or simply use link to external file. You can choose CSV, XML or JSON files as types, it does not quite matter on extension of file, just on configuration.

Local files can be seen as list with their size, path and last upload/update date and can be simply removed from plugin.

Import management

You can create as many imports as needed and each import has many options to set, for example name of import, description that will help you manage imports, URL, formats, limit number of records to be inserted (i.e. if there are big files and your server would not handle so much operations).

Default currency, language, category and email can be set in case imported listing is not having this field. Plugin is smart enough to do validation for category (based on name), country, region, city, validate email, find related user etc.

Fields management

Ad importer plugin does not require any naming convention of columns, does not require header at all. Osclass fields are mapped to imported file directly in import settings and you may map all the fields or just some of them. Only required fields are title and description, others may be used from default settings or ignored.

It is recommended to take some time to validate imported data, i.e. when importing images from URL, it is required to make sure their extension is allowed in osclass, otherwise images will not be loaded.

For location and category fields you do not need to use IDs, if you use names and these exists in your database, plugin will smart enough to find relative IDs and use them.

Custom fields

Importer plugin has from version 1.2.0 support for custom fields to be imported as well. You can link fields in source file to custom field in your osclass installation.

Keep in mind that fields may be restricted for particular categories only. If you have Field1 restricted to Category1 only and you are importing new listing that belongs to Category2 and Field1 is mapped, value for this field will not be imported, as this field is not allowed on Category2.

Schedule imports via cron

You may also use cron to run imports for you and get just email notification about status of import. This may be extremely useful when loading data from external sources that are regulary updated.

There are several options for automatical refresh: daily, weekly or monthly.

Import logs

Import plugin includes logging feature for each import that allows to browse history of imports including URL/path of imported file, number of successfully imported listings, number of failed listings that were not imported and date when import run.


Before running import, make sure to max your parameters in php like max allowed execution time and memory limit. As validation require several queries on database and each listing import also means several queries, including uploading of images from external source, it is smart to load listings in batches. 

You should test what can be handled by your server and limit listings loaded to few hundreds or thousands. You will not be probably able to import hundreds of thousands of listings.


Note: make sure your hosting support file_get_contents & file functions and having php parameter allow_url_fopen set to 1, as it is essential for this plugin. Support does not include resolution of this function.

Product features and functionality

Basic documentation included
Add back office functionality
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12 months access to support and latest updates
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Availability of seller to answer questions
Answer technical queries about product features
Assistance with reported bugs or issues
Help with installation in case there is problem

Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
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Installation service

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Changelog - Product updates history

1.4.4 Numerous updates and improvements.
1.4.3 Item Validation Plugin support added - now imported listings are auto-approved (validation record automatically created).
New feature added - generate email based on phone. In case email field is missing and phone number is available, plugin will try to create dummy email instead of using default import email (in format [email protected])
Debug mode update - when debug mode enabled, errors are now printed to error log in "nice" easy to read way.
1.4.2 Added IMP_DEBUG constant and ability to print failed data into error log for easy investigation of what happened.
1.4.1 Fixed unwanted echo from development
1.4.0 Added option to remove version (?v=, ?ver=, ?version=) from image URL when importing image for listing.
Updated backoffice, removed redundant & old styles and fonts
1.3.4 Fixed minor bug with missing title and description when importing listings.
1.3.3 Fixed possible problems with images upload in case there was extra white space in source file.
Now trimming all the data before saving them.
1.3.2 Many minor bugs and issues fixed, improved data validtion
1.3.1 Minor problems with import listings fixed. PHP 8.0 fixes.
1.3.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
1.2.2 Fixed bug when listing had no picture, it was not imported
1.2.1 Plugin now check image extension in case insensitive way (still will be checked by osclass core as well). Cron feature improved, in case there are some listings that failed import, plugin will print these messages (you may sent output of cron to be sent to your mail...)
1.2.0 Plugin now has support for custom fields as well!
1.1.3 Support to Mobile phone plugin added
1.1.2 Function typo fix
1.1.1 Fixed small issue in function
1.1.0 Major release, duplicate check has been added to importer (you may use same file that contains few new items every day or hour)
1.0.3 CSV import minor issue fixed, added cron functionality that was not functional yet (automatic imports hourly/daily/weekly)
1.0.2 Improved loading of nested fields, fixed several bugs, admin can now define limit on how many images will be uploaded
1.0.1 New core for loading data, fixed problems with recaptcha, item validation, item activation, added expiration date as option, each image field may now contain multiple image URLs delimited by semicolon (.
1.0.0 Initial release
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Product rating: 5.0 - Excellent, based on 6 reviews

Nice plugin to quickly import products by MvdO79 on 5. Nov 2021

5.0 - Excellent
Works great, if 100% attribute matching is added it's PERFECT!

It fulfills its functions, but ... by Роман on 22. Aug 2021

4.0 - Very good
There are wishes, for example, make friends with it with attributes, download images without an extension, set a timeout for weak servers, display a description in the listing and much more, which will make the plugin truly flexible.

Buen plugin by Inmo Sistem on 19. Jul 2021

5.0 - Excellent
Muy bien

Review by 18061978able on 23. Feb 2021

5.0 - Excellent
Не импортирует изображение по прямой ссылке пишет формат не правильный https://40.img.avito.st/image/1/OX6B5raxlZe3URea_4oNaHpFlZM9R5-V
Osclass Seller's picture

Author response

Thanks for your feedback. Your message is valid, image you reference to does not have any extension. Osclass supports only jpg, jpeg, png and gif extensions.

works perfect by stan nicolae on 18. Aug 2020

5.0 - Excellent
just used this plugin and it works perfect, uploaded over 2k ads.
Osclass Seller's picture

Author response

That is really great to hear. I hope it may handle several thousands of listings in single batch run.

Fantastic plugin! by Revanli Admin on 13. Jul 2020

5.0 - Excellent
This plugin is a real time saver, allowing us to schedule imports from remote API. Keep up the good work team.
Osclass Seller's picture

Author response

Thank you for your feedback, you might also noticed there is update to improve/fix cron settings

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