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Online Chat Plugin
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Let your customers chat in real time on your osclass classifieds with buyers and sellers and increase conversion rate of listings on your site rapidly!

Chat functionality

  • Real-time chat of customers with buyers and sellers
  • No third-party service
  • No montly fees
  • Notification of new messages/chats
  • User status - real time monitoring if buyer/seller is online or not
  • Chat available only for logged in users that increase conversion of registered users
  • Send chat transcript to email
  • Block users to allow block of particular person and avoid further communication
  • Block all users that actually deactivates chat functionality
  • Easy maintenance of inactive chats
  • Detail configuration of plugin to optimize it for your server
  • Initiate chat button automatically added to theme

How does chat work

When customer comes to your site and browse listing, if listing owner is registered and is online, customer can initiate chat. Listing owner is notified on new message in right bottom corner and conversation is marked as unread. Listing owner can block customer in case of recieving spam or other unwanted messages, however block on user does not apply to existing conversation. When chat is closed and removed, no new chat can be initiated by customer.

osclass online chat


User blocking

  • user can block any other user
  • block does not apply on existing conversations
  • block means that no new conversation can be initiated
  • user can block all users that actually disable any chatting

Maintenance - keep your osclass clean

  • to reduce impact of plugin on performance of your server, you need to recycle/remove inactive chats
  • plugin offers ability to remove chats that are not active for XY days. This cleanup is done on daily level using daily cron of osclass (must be functional, not nulled!)
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Rating 4 based on 12 reviews
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27 products developed
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