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OpenStreetMaps Osclass Plugin allows to put listings on map and provide better visual to present and search listings on your classifieds.

Don't you want to pay to Google for using google maps? We neither, as google recently introduced billing plan for using google map services and ended up free services. To use google api now you have to put your credit card here first! OpenStreetMaps is totally free!

Free google maps for osclass

Higher volume of visitors on your osclass may mean that you are going to pay tens of dollars for showing google maps, this plugin instead use free service OpenStreetMaps and has no limits in usage.

Add map with listings anywhere

Plugin has support for showing map with items on most important sections on your classifieds:

  • home page (latest items)
  • search page (search items)
  • item page (listing itself + related items)
  • publish page (pick location from map)

Radius search

As our Radius Search Plugin also OpenStreetMaps one enable users to search in radius. You can simply hook radius distance select box into your search sidebar and that's it!

Related items

When map is added to listing page (hook), you may show only particular item on map or you may choose to show also related items on map with basic settings:

  • locations of related items (same city/region/country)
  • category of items (same category or not)

Publish map

From v1.2.0 it is possible to place map into publish/edit page and let visitors to locate item from map. Map is smart and will take into consideration following:

  • on edit page will show marker on item's current location
  • for logged-in users will locate map to user's predefined location
  • for logged-out users will use html5 geocoding (visitor must enable) to find current user location

Please keep in mind that address retrieved from map is using OpenStreetMap Nominatim API (reversed geo coding) that in some cases has not ideal hierarchy of data and results may look weird. We recommend to test this before purchase as no support is provided on this api itself and cannot be improved from plugin side.

Fullscreen Osclass Map

In case map is smaller, it may be hard to browse all listings on it. Fullscreen mode enable visitors to enlarge map on fullscreen and use it's full screen size to browse listings on map. Note that on some themes or positions fullscreen mode may not work correctly (parent blocks has position absolute/relative attribute). This feature can be enabled or disabled from plugin settings.

No extra tables

Plugin use original osclass tables to store all the information. All coordinates you get for your items will not be removed once plugin is uninstalled or removed. 

Easy initial setup

When plugin is installed, it's recommended to run feeding of coordinates for existing items, as it's looping openstreetmaps api, it may take a while, however should be completed in minute for websites up to 5000 listings. For websites with more listings you may need to repeat feeding for several times.

Caching OpenStreetMap Data

As OSM is free, it has limited resources and their API has usage policy to avoid interruption of service. In order to align to these rules plugin cache/log every single query from Nominatim OpenStreetMaps API, that means plugin will never ask twice for same coordinates.

Cron to fill missing coordinates

As a lot of our customers has large classifieds with thousands of listings, we've created PHP script that can be run via cron and fill all the missing coordinates for you. OSM policy restrict usage of their API to just 1 query per second, that means it is possible to get 3600 unique coordinates per hour. 

On configuration tab you may find details on how to setup cron for your website.



You may add 1 and only 1 map at same page. Plugin will not work with google maps (or any plugin using google service) so these must be disabled or uninstalled before using OpenStreetMaps Osclass Plugin. Map on home page is using latest_items loop, in case your theme is not using this one (as example Veronika theme), results on map may differ to those shown in your latest items section. Map will not work on search page with live / ajax search.

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Updates history

1.0.0 Initial release
1.1.0 Major release - caching results, improved coordinates search, log history, cron to fill coordinates
1.2.0 Added publish map and fullscreen feature - user now can turn map into fullscreen mode
1.2.1 Fixed saving of parameter publish map height
1.3.0 Major update - plugin now use latest mapbox api for map layers

3 reviews

Review by Nelu on 14. Jun 2020

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Review by Genchev on 2. Jan 2020

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cool plugin by alex on 16. Apr 2019

good plugin with free map and radius filter installed it on alpha theme

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