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Have you ever needed to use different theme based on language on same classifieds? It may sound weird, but there are some cases and business needs that require to use different theme for each language.

Let’s have example of RTL language with theme created just for RTL content and then, we have English that is LTR and require different layout positioning and formatting, maybe font as well.

Theme language plugin allows to define theme for each language. Extension has no customization, it only requires that themes in oc-content/themes/ folder will be named in following pattern:


That means you must name theme with same name (that is currently active) or use same theme with different modifications per language. Example theme names (and folders would be):

  • gamma-en_US, gamma-de_DE, gamma-ar_SY, gamma-ru_RU
  • sigma-cz_CS, sigma-it_IT, sigma-in_IN
  • modern-pl_PL, modern-fr_FR, … etc.

With simple modifications in plugin, you could create array with list of country codes and their themes and use whatever theme in whatever language.

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1.0.0 Initial community release
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Product rating: 4.0 - Very good, based on 2 reviews

it's not work by Seda Buy on 24. May 2022

5.0 - Excellent
Hi sir it's not work in latest osclass 8.0.2

Review by Hiroshi Hashimoto on 8. Apr 2021

2.0 - Not very good
I have created the holder per language e.g. theme-ja_JP, but this plugin didn't work. What should I do show the button for changing theme per language? (I am a Japanese. Sorry for my bad English.)
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Published on: 18. Nov 2020
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