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Extension brings Google Recaptcha Thickbox (v2) to your Osclass classifieds. This increase security of forms on your website significantly and usually drastically reduce spam being generated by spam bots.

How does recaptcha works? It simply tracks behavior of visitor and tries to identify if it is real human or not. It also put more validation tests to users those submit many forms in short period of time.

Google recaptcha is JavaScript based library that use also cookies to identify if visitor is robot or real human based on user interaction with website.

Plugin is great extension to Osclass built-in recaptcha features, as it gives your ability to control on what forms is validation required. Keep in mind that validation is 2 step process, first is on-site validation (visitor may be prompted to do simple control question) and then is off-site validation where output of test is sent to google API to verify if person is human or bot and if test was done properly.

Make sure to disable Osclass built-in recaptcha options before using this plugin (by removing both keys).


You can enable/disable recaptcha on following forms:

  • Admin login form
  • User login form
  • Registration form
  • New listing form
  • Web contact form
  • Listing contact form
  • Send to a friend form
  • Add a comment form


There are also additional features/options:

  • Hide captcha for logged in users
  • Hide captcha if JavaScript is disabled in user browser

Product features and functionality

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Require PHP skills
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Changelog - Product updates history

1.4.1 Notices fixes
1.4.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
1.3.0 Initial community release
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Product rating: 5.0 - Excellent, based on 2 reviews

working very good by michal.b.svk on 7. Jul 2021

5.0 - Excellent
Thank you!

Review by Vilaiporn on 28. Dec 2020

5.0 - Excellent
Using with V2 (the visible one, ...I am not a robot...) in contact seller form. Perfect!
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5.0 - Excellent Based on 2 reviews
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Product version: 1.4.1 Older versions
Last update: 3 years ago
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Product rating: 5 of 5 - Excellent
Published on: 18. Nov 2020
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