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Tor plugin for Osclass is simply but powerful extension for your classifieds. It’s primary and only functionality is, that visitors coming to your classifieds can only access your website if they use Tor to anonymize their connection details and identity.

Addon can be very useful for classifieds websites those require all their customers to be anonymous, such business case can be when content of classifieds is sensitive and information that particular person was browsing content of such classifieds might damage reputation of that person.

Plugin does not require any settings or theme modifications, once it installed, it’s only function is to check if visitor is on Tor network and is anonymous or not. In case user is not on Tor network, error 404 page is shown with message “You could only access using TOR networks”.


What is Tor

Tor is free open-source project/software that enables anonymous communication and websites browsing. Name Tor is derived from original project name called “The Onion Router”, hence also logo of Tor contains onion.

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1.2.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
1.1.0 Initial community release
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Published on: 18. Nov 2020
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