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Premium classifieds and marketplace theme with excellent design, first-class UX, dark mode support and special features like preferred location. Theme has 30% smaller stylesheets and scripts comparing to similar premium themes that enhance loading time, especially on mobile devices.

Ultimate classifieds theme

Epsilon theme can be considered as master piece of webdesign, functionality and scalability. It comes with features never seen on other themes and completely redesigned core, scripts and styles.

Core theme features:

  • Excellent UX and UI
  • Dark mode support
  • Unique functionality to save user preferred location and show listings close to customer's location, including recent locations and search patterns
  • Native support for non-uniform images (force image aspect)
  • Offer of the day feature
  • 100% support for lazy loading of images
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Brand new optimization features and functions (using also Osclass 8.0.2 fine-tuning)
  • Optimized header and seo structure
  • Alerts (subscriptions) reinvented and fully functional
  • Premium swipper image gallery
  • Redesigned and reinvented ajax search
  • Ajax calls optimized across theme
  • Premium listings block on home page showing listing closest to customer geolocation (if available)
  • Grid, List and Detail (new!) listing card view types
  • Custom aspect ratio for images (wide, square, normal, tall)
  • Custom modal box with backdrop effect (blurry cover)
  • Sticky header
  • Related ads feature (built-in)
  • Recent ads feature (built-in) viewed by customer
  • Mobile ready, optimized and built with accent to mobile users
  • User public profile with pagination
  • Sticky mobile menu
  • Best sellers (users) gallery on home page
  • Custom image gallery aspect ratio
  • 20 pre-defined banner boxes with adsense optimization
  • Full support for Osclass profile picture uploader
  • Users online/offline status
  • Backoffice with redesigned layout and numerous configuration options
  • Pre-integration and custom styling for 15+ plugins
  • Support for locations auto-complete & cascading dropdowns (country > region > city)
  • RTL ready
  • Customized print listing page
  • Redesigned report listing feature

Theme design (UX & UI)

Epsilon theme, from absolute start, has been designed primarily for mobile devices with huge effort to make User Experience as best as it is possible in Osclass. We've spent tens of hours studying customer behaviour and way how they work with classifieds, what features they miss, what must be redesigned and what should stay as it is.

Preferred cookies location osclass theme

In order to support UX, we've created brand new features connected to user preferred location, advanced radius search to find close listings, recent ads features, saving most recent locations and patterns used into cookies to make using of classifieds or marketplace website easier.

Worth to mention is, that theme has been created completely from scratch, not using parts of any other theme. What was needed was selected and added later. This procedure was selected to reduce size of stylesheets and scripts, remove legacy code, files and image.

Dark mode support

Epsilon as first theme for Osclass comes with support of dark mode. Theme also allow to enter preferred dark mode color, if is different to "white" mode. Dark mode is supported only in case device is switched to dark mode. When device is not using dark mode, theme will not use dark mode as well. Dark mode can be disabled by customer in mobile menu, this preference is stored in cookies so customer does not need to disable dark mode each time.

Dark mode marketplace theme

Color scheme and tones in dark mode has been selected in order to save customer eyes in night, it is supported on mobile & desktop devices as well.

Non-uniform images / Force image aspect support

Theme as one of very few has full support for images with different dimensions (created when "Force image aspect" is enabled in media settings) using just CSS and no javascript libraries for that.

Theme force image aspect support

No matter what is dimension of picture, it will fit well into image gallery as well as to theme design, including grid, list or detail view.

Recommended image sizes for Epsilon theme are 320x320 for thumbnail images, 640x480 for preview images and 1280x960 for normal images.

Offer of the day functionality

Monetization is on first place, therefore Epsilon theme, besides other features, comes with brand-new monetization option to mark/select listings as "Offer of the day".

Admin can choose preferred listing, or simply let daily cron to pick listing (random from all premium items) that will be highlighted on home & search page with "Offer of the day" label.

"Install & Go" plugins

All OsclassPoint plugins were tested with theme, however there are several with special functionality that are deeply pre-integrated in theme and does not require any theme modifications to use them.

These plugins are premium and are not delivered with theme (must be purchased separately).

  • Business Profile Plugin - companies list on home page
  • Osclass Blog and News Plugin - blog widget on home page
  • Favorite Items Plugin - save to favorite button, favorite items in user account
  • Online chat - preintegrated chat button on item page with status as well
  • Instant messenger - messages in user account
  • Facebook & Google login - login buttons on sign in / up pages
  • OpenStreetMaps - generates map on listing page
  • Car, Real-estate, Job, Products attributes plugins - preintegrated
  • noCaptcha recaptcha plugin - preintegrated


Note: Theme works on Osclass 3.3+, but we strongly recommend to run theme on Osclass 8.0.2+ in order to use all theme features and functions

Product features and functionality

Theme use custom fonts
Theme has configurator
Ajax (live) search feature
Pop-up funcitonality
Optimized for multiple languages
RTL ready (Arabic, Hebrew, ...)
Contains configuration page
SEO optimized
Optimized headers structure (h1, h2, ...)
Gallery & List view
Scroll to top button
Sticky header box
Custom backgrounds and colors
Dropdown locations selector
Advanced locations selector
Custom category icons
Responsive layout
Optimized for mobile devices
Font Awesome (icons) integration
Lazy load effects
Advanced listing images gallery
Custom listing labels (sold, reserved, ...)
Social share buttons
Advanced category selector
Basic documentation included
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Product support includes

12 months access to support and latest updates
Support can be extended anytime for 35% of base price (+12 months)
Availability of seller to answer questions
Answer technical queries about product features
Assistance with reported bugs or issues
Help with installation in case there is problem

Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
Support on free/gratis plugins delivered with premium themes
Installation service

Seller support quality and speed

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Changelog - Product updates history

1.0.6 Fixed small bug on publish page for unlogged users.
Radius search distance box fix on search page.
Numerous smaller improvements and fixes.
1.0.5 Fixed pagination bug when updating view type on search page.
Fixed banners not showing on page.
Fixed set of smaller issues.
1.0.4 Fixed drag & drop area on publish page.
Premium listings on home are now shown primarily by user location, if can be retrieved (close premium listings are shown first).
Social login plugins design fixed (google & facebook login).
RTL improvements.
Osclass pay plugin design improvements.
More smaller updates and bug fixes.
1.0.3 Fixed issue with Osclass Pay Plugin - Highlight option.
Improved design of "Offer of the day" listing card.
Improved filtering of latest searches, they length and removing those that are in user locale stop words.
Numerous small issues fixed.
1.0.2 Brand new feature: Users list on home page (currently "best sellers").
New configuration option: Image gallery aspect ratio that allows to change aspect ratio of image gallery on listing page.
Optimization related to lazy load.
Mobile layout optimization (paddings & margins).
Added 2 new banner options on static pages.
Updates related to ajax search.
Added listing price into breadcrumbs so it can be spotted without scrolling.
Fixed problems with user website url, created button for url.
1.0.1 Added 2 new banner spaces.
Fixed bug when scrolling to top on ajax search (i.e. pagination select).
Fixed numerous design issues and smaller bugs.
Fixed bug when location was not fed properly on search page into location input.
Fixed missing user image in theme folder.
Default favicons has been moved into sample folder (images/favicons/sample/) in order to avoid rewriting on theme update.
1.0.0 Initial theme release
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Review by Cristian Navarro on 12. May 2022

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