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We recommend to use Banner Ads Plugin instead, that is connected to other plugins, provides modern solution for advertisement management and is updated more frequently.

Monetize your website with Ads Manager! Now you can create any banner very easily, modify it from plugin settings, follow it's status, views, clicks and send results to your sponsor.

Advertisement Manager plugin allows to you create different type of advertisment banners that can be placed in any part of you classifieds. This can help you to monetize your classifieds and start earning money. It is possible to watch also stats of each banner, clicks, views, how many days it is active, how much money has been spent from budget and others.

Banner functionality

  • it is possible to create as many banners as you need
  • there are 4 types of banners: 
    • Adsense type - easy management of Adsense banners and similar (ads working in same way as Adsense)
    • Image Slider - allows you to upload multiple images that works like sliding gallery on your site
    • Text and HTML - when banner is created as HTML or text block, you can simply use it
    • Flash type - banner based on flash files (swf videos)
  • keywords enable to you better target your ads
  • you can set multiple financial info for each banner to be able track progress of banner
    • click price
    • view price
    • budget
    • expiration days
  • You can provide Client Key to client, then this person can access statistics of this banner

Banner groups

  • banners are shown on web using banner groups
  • perfect tool if you want to show multiple ads on same place alternatively
  • each banner group can have 1 or more banners, on the other site, each banner can be in one or more groups
  • when banner group is called, most suitable banner from group is shown to user
  • if no match on keywords, random banner is shown 

Banner statistics

  • showing details status of every banner
  • multiple fields give you exact overview of ads
  • you can track views, clicks, money from views, money from clicks, total, comparison to banner budget nulled.

Product features and functionality

Require theme modifications
Require CSS/JS/HTML skills
Require PHP skills
Add back office functionality
Add front office functionality
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Product support includes

12 months access to support and latest updates
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Availability of seller to answer questions
Answer technical queries about product features
Assistance with reported bugs or issues
Help with installation in case there is problem

Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
Support on free/gratis plugins delivered with premium themes
Installation service

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Changelog - Product updates history

1.3.1 Notices fixes
1.3.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
1.2.11 updated product key
1.2.10 initial version
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Product rating: 5.0 - Excellent, based on 1 review

Best Plugin For Custom Adverstment by Aryan Shinde on 9. Jan 2020

5.0 - Excellent
This plugin is not help or create just advertisement but very good help for SEO onpage. If you want to SERP good result, than this plugin you must buy.

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Published on: 16. Nov 2017