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Note: If you are using Osclass 8.0 or higher (actually 4.3+), there is no reason to install this plugin, as minification and optimization features are directly implemented in Osclass core in much more efficient way!

Free osclass plugin to reduce load time and number of request sent to your installation. As final result, only 2 files (css, js) with minimum size are created.  

Load osclass faster

Minify plugin has 2 core features:

  • CSS style sheets Merge all style sheets into one, compress and minify style sheets and move CSS into footer
  • JavaScript files Merge all javascript files into one, compress and minify JS files

Plugins reduce number of request that needs to be sent by user browser to your osclass installation and improve load speed of classifieds.

Tips before usage

  • only CSS files added using osc_enqueue_function will be minified
  • only JS files added using osc_register_script function will be minified
  • test well before using on live osclass, especially JavaScript compression may cause issues

Product features and functionality

Basic documentation included
Add back office functionality
Add front office functionality
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Changelog - Product updates history

1.0.3 Minifier will not try to minify external CSS/JS files
1.0.2 updated js compression
1.0.1 updated logic of picking styles and scripts
1.0.0 initial version
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Product rating: 5.0 - Excellent, based on 6 reviews

Review by Roman on 26. Dec 2020

5.0 - Excellent
No comment

It really makes my site faster by Marat Faizerakhman on 3. Mar 2020

5.0 - Excellent
Thanks for developer for updating up to 1.03 now my site on Gamma Theme so smooth!

Review by ahmed zake on 16. Sep 2018

5.0 - Excellent
No comment

problems with the verónika theme by Camilo Vargas on 27. Feb 2018

2.0 - Not very good
in the article it completely deactivates the scripts and CSS

JS not Work by Zoombie on 24. Feb 2018

5.0 - Excellent
JS not Work please help to update it

Review by anonymous on 19. Feb 2018

5.0 - Excellent
No comment
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5.0 - Excellent Based on 6 reviews
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Product technical details

4 updates
Product version: 1.0.3 Older versions
Last update: 4 years ago
Osclass support: 3.0+, 4.0+, 8.0+ Download osclass
Product rating: 5 of 5 - Excellent
Published on: 14. Feb 2018
Folder name: minify