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Manage multiple Osclass installations efficiently. Plugin allows to connect multiple installations of Osclass Classifieds CMS and switch between backoffice on different installations just with 1 click - without need to login on other sites.

Plugin use one "master" site as repository and central point for other "slave" sites. This means it is needed to keep sites network configuration only on "master" site and "slave" sites will feed all required informations from "master".

Manage multiple Osclass installations easily

Plugins helps to quickly navigate across multiple classifieds installations (no top limit) without need to login into backoffice.

Besides that, plugin allows to monitor status of other installations without need to check one by one, as multisite manager check regularly what is status of slave installations.

Plugin features

Create sites network

Major functionality of plugin is to create sites network (network of osclass installations) where plugin helps you to navigate across these sites without need to login to each site specifically.

You just login to one and then to any site you navigate, you get automatically logged-in.

"master" site

In network, you can only define one "master" site that will hold information about all sites in network. When other sites need information about network, it will ping "master" site and receive up-to-date list with all sites in network and their status.

When you select "master" site, this site will get master key used as authentication and verification method across all sites. This key must be copied to all slave sites so they can listen communication from master.

When list of sites on master is updated, master send this information to slave sites automatically.

"Slave" site

Other sites in network must be all "slave" sites. Slave site does not hold information about other sites in network (in database), but it keeps list up-to-date by checking regularly info in master.

Each slave site has api key that identifies slave site in sites network and also, besides master key, authenticate on master site.

Regular status check

Besides instant updates of slave site when master is updated, all sites will try to get information about other sites in network regularly, on daily base.

This helps to keep all sites up and identify possible troubles with other sites in network.

Switch website, Keep current navigation URL

Admin can easily switch current Osclass site by hitting sites button at top toolbar and jump on another Osclass site into same location (path) as you were on previous site.

Mark/identify each site in network

It is possible to assign each site it's color that is used in backoffice to help identify on what site you are currently logged in.

Ping site in network

Easily ping any site in network and get it's current status.

Sites network setup

Master - select which site will be your master. Copy master key. Define all slave sites in sites network. You need "Site API key" from all slave sites to be defined in master.

Slave - get master key from master site and save it in all slave sites into "master secret key" field.


Note: Plugin is target for advanced users managing multiple Osclass installations

Product features and functionality

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Add back office functionality
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1.0.1 Small bugfix with missing admin name.
1.0.0 Initial plugin release
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