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Easy to use attributes plugin that generates all relevant car & vehicles properties to be filled by visitor. Great feature is that Make & Model are cascading, so once visitor select make, list of models is updated via ajax.

PRO: Make sure to look on professional solution for car attributes - Car Attributes PRO Plugin

  • Easy to install and manage
  • Does not require any modifications in theme
  • Make & Model are cascading
  • 15+ different vehicles properties
  • Can be enabled / disabled for particular category or subcategory

Features available in plugin to be set on listing:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Car type
  • Year
  • Doors
  • Seat
  • Mileage
  • Engine size
  • Number of airbags
  • Transmission
  • Fuel
  • Seller type
  • Is in warranty
  • Is new
  • Power + power units
  • Gears

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Product features and functionality

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Add front office functionality
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Changelog - Product updates history

3.3.1 Fixed major issue causing attributes not being saved on classifieds with existing listings.
Unified with other attributes plugins.
3.3.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
3.2.0 Product functionality upgraded to work properly also on dynamically generated content (search filters as fancybox ect, i.e. gamma, beta,...) both on search page as well ad publish page of your classifieds. Code cleaned as well.
3.1.0 Initial community release
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Product rating: 4.0 - Very good, based on 6 reviews

Dealership management support by Vinay Gowda on 16. Jul 2024

5.0 - Excellent
Can Dealership login be configured , so that dealers can managed their listing with reporting?
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MB Themes response:

This plugin does not manage login.

hyundai no have model by Claude Hategekimana on 9. May 2024

5.0 - Excellent
I try to search hyundai but if you want to search model, no have. Please check if you can add all model for hyundai.
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MB Themes response:

Hi Claude, thanks for your feedback. Content - default data - is not objective of plugin. Basic data are provided for demonstration purpose only. You are free to add, remove or modify models and makes.

Något jag verkligen behövde :( by Sinnerscontact on 9. Aug 2023

2.0 - Not very good
I'm really disappointed in Osclass and their work on the Car Attributes Osclass Plugin, as this is one of many plugins I really needed that doesn't work due to a sql error. Please fix the problem, as I am not the only one having problems with this.
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Community response:

Thanks for your feedback! From technical point of view, everything is OK in plugin. I recommend you to take SQL from struct.sql and run it on your database. Usually there is issue with foreign key: FOREIGN KEY (fk_i_item_id) REFERENCES /*TABLE_PREFIX*/t_item (pk_i_id) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE, Further investigation shown that this problem most frequently happen when your database tables use MyISAM engine. Osclass use InnoDB database engine by default. Foreign key between table in InnoDB and MyISAM table cannot be created. Make sure all your tables use InnoDB engine. Then install plugin again. More details: https://forums.osclasspoint.com/osclass/foreign-key-plugintheme-installation-error/

не работает by Евгений Волков on 13. Feb 2022

5.0 - Excellent
Плагин не может быть установлен, потому что: Error importSQL::ModelCars cars_attributes/struct.sql

Funktioniert nicht ! by Lutz Hauser-Podgorski on 2. Nov 2021

2.0 - Not very good
Leider eine Fehleranzeige bzgl. der SQL.....
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MB Themes response:

This should be fixed in v3.3.1 wink

Review by Amnon on 12. Jun 2021

4.0 - Very good
Much faster than WordPress plugins in terms of load time. Easy on hosting server resources like memory and CPU. Wish the car features could be added though, like Safety, Security and Convenience Accessories. Great work
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Product technical details

4 updates
Product version: 3.3.1 Older versions
Last update: 2 years ago
Osclass support: 3.0+, 4.0+, 8.0+ Download osclass
Product rating: 4 of 5 - Very good
Published on: 18. Nov 2020
Folder name: car_attributes