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Car Attributes PRO Plugin

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Car Attributes PRO Plugin is ultimate extension for Osclass Classifieds Script. It is specifically designed for Car Classifieds, to bring highly customizable vehicle related attributes & properties, but not just that…! Plugin can easily handle Real-Estate, Product or Jobs attributes.

Advanced search box with attributes can be placed easily to home or search page and replace or enrich  default search options.

Complete Attributes Plugin for Classifieds

Plugin consists of multiple configurable layers – components those impact how search widget, publish page and item detail looks like:

  • Vehicle type – top level. For vehicle types – Car, Truck, Trailer, Construction, …; for general classifieds – Vehicles, Real Estate, Services, …
  • Section – box for properties. Assigned to one or more types. Each type usually has more sections. Different sections – groupings can be created for search widget, publish and item detail page.
  • Properties – lowest level element. Property is any parameter of vehicle or described item. Can be color, status, if item is new, make, … Properties are assigned to section and types. There are different property types – user defined, pre-defined (select), group, checkbox, …
  • Make & model – exists as properties, but their values are managed separately, as models rollup to makes. Primary usage is just with car classifieds.
  • Properties values – for pre-defined properties, values for each property are defined.

Vehicle type can be used as “type” only in general classifieds sites. Type can group sections & properties from different classifieds areas – vehicles, real estate, jobs, products, services.

Search box

One of most important and cirtical plugin features is search box – widget.

Search box is very customizable and it’s possible to define sections visible in widget by default or as buttons, restrict sections by types (different sections for different types), set section icons, properties in sections, headers etc.

Car attributes search widget

There are many options to customize search box and change it’s layout and visible elements by default, from simple, medium to complex.

Supported input types are:

  • Select box with one or multi select option
  • Checkbox with one or multi select option
  • Slider
  • Text input (also textarea for long text)
  • Numberical input (decimal or integer)

Search hook integration

Car Attributes PRO Plugin has solid implementation using Osclass built-in hooks. This includes search filters as well. Each property can be added/removed from search hook form.

As this form could get crowdy, sections are not applied here, properties are shown based on vehicle type of property. It’s recommended to use just few attributes in search hook and instead, user “more filters button” to bring search widget into modal, or integrate search widget box directly into search page above search items.

Powerful Custom Integrated Multi-Select Box

New generation of select boxes has been integrated into plugin to enhance search capabilities and allow users to search exactly what they want.

Multi-select custom search box attributes

These boxes has following functionality:

  • Multi-select or Single-select
  • Required on publish page
  • Refine values list by typing
  • Select all or Deselect all values
  • “Top section” for makes

You don’t like these and prefer HTML select boxes? Not a problem, you can change this in plugin configuration.

Types, Makes and Models widgets

Attributes plugin also provides way to easily display types, makes or models in widget as a gallery with links.

Car attributes makes models widget

Range search

For numerical properties it is possible to create range search in search widget and search page. This is also possible for pre-defined values (like year) where ID used for filtering is identifier/slug of selected value (not primary key) converted to integer/decimal.

Range search filter

For range search there is also smart feature that does not allow to add non-sense interval (ie from 2023 to 2021). In such case plugin automatically clean selected value from opossite select box.

Multilingual attributes

Plugin provide multi language support and basically anything shown in front can be translated (except makes, models and some identifiers/slugs).

Translations are available for vehicle types, sections, properties and property values. This includes names, descriptions, headers, help texts, value names etc.

SEO friendly

In URLs, plugin primarily use slugs and identifiers, not primary keys. Here is difference for URL using primary keys and URL using slugs and identifiers:

  • Slugs: …/cap-make,audi/cap-model,a4+a6+a8/…
  • Primary keys: …/cap-2,123/cap-3,22+23+24/…

Difference is significant. URL is meaningful and help SEO.

Optimized database structure and queries

Comparing to other attributes plugins and also built-in custom attributes, this plugin comes with flat table structure that is re-build with properties changes.

All attribute values for 1 listing are located in one and only 1 row, that allows awesome search capabilities and quick response times.

Besides that, plugin use Osclass query cache features and also stores heavy and frequent queries into user session. This reduce number of database queries from thousands into tens! … making plugin very lightweight and having great performance.

Basic - default data delivered

Plugin comes with default vehicle types, hundreds and thousands of makes, models and properties for car classifieds. This content was created and delivered to simplify plugin configuration. This content is not considered as part of product and complains about default content accuracy or completeness will be ignored. It is possible to install without default content as well, please check documentation for more details.

Other features

  • Responsive and mobile ready
  • Tested on most of available themes
  • Use hooks for integration, itself implement many hooks and filters for it’s own customization
  • Not using Font Awesome, but supporting Font Awesome icons (FA version depends on theme)
  • Rich configuration options (including widgets)
  • Multiple menu availables for search widget
  • Primary color configuration to match theme design
  • Default makes with car brands logos predefined

Link to documentation: https://osclasspoint.com/images/car-attributes-pro/documentation.pdf

Note: This plugin require good management skills to be able to fully configure and use all features!

Note: For pixel-perfect setup, basic HTML/PHP skills may be required for correct placement into theme, especially for search widgets.

Product features and functionality

Basic documentation included
Require theme modifications
Add front office functionality
Detail documentation included (PDF)
Use hooks for theme integration
Coding skills recommended
Recommended for advanced osclass users
Advanced installation (need more skills)
No dependency on 3rd party services
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MB Themes seller

Product support includes

12 months access to support and latest updates
Support can be extended anytime for 35% of base price (+12 months)
Availability of seller to answer questions
Answer technical queries about product features
Assistance with reported bugs or issues
Help with installation in case there is problem
Product in English language (other locales provided by community)

Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
Support on free/gratis plugins delivered with premium themes
Installation service
Translation and localization services

Seller support quality and speed

Seller updated this product 22 times
Seller rating is 4.7 of 5 - Excellent (503 reviews)
Respond usually in 1 hour 20 mins
Member since 2017
Spoken languages:
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Changelog - Product updates history

1.2.2 Fixed bug with html select boxes, where selected values were not transfered in search widget (jquery bug).
1.2.1 Fixed bug related to using standard HTML select box - location selector.
1.2.0 Fixed bug with using HTML select box type.
1.1.9 Fixed bug when models from different vehicle types shown together.
Recommended is to use unique slugs for each make across vehicle types - even it's same make!
1.1.8 Bug fix - range search not functional on search page (only one side of filter worked).
1.1.7 Fixes for older versions of PHP (7.4).
1.1.6 Enhancements with input sync on search sidebar, especially model sync.
Enhanced settings after installation.
1.1.4 Property values uploaded from list should now persist their order.
Fixed bug with required property inputs in backoffice.
1.1.3 Fixed issues when saving properties in backoffice and not all values are populated. Now required attribute & pattern attribute are set only on visible elements.
1.1.2 Removed unnecessary parameters from hook functions.
1.1.1 Fixed search/widget inputs, where selected value for integer/decimal type of attribute was not predefined (i.e. 123km for mileage).
Now this amount is properly shown as display value with measure (if applicable).
1.1.0 RTL support based on site direction.
Native location names support in search.
1.0.9 Added easy way to hook search box (widget) to home page search box or search page top hook (Osclass 8.2.0 or higher)
1.0.8 Improved item table structure validation (executed when saving property) to reduce time required for validation.
1.0.7 Many small bugs fixed.
Changed concept of "Vehicle type" to just "Type" for easier generalization of plugin.
1.0.6 Fixed minor issues.
1.0.5 Numerous fixes and improvements.
1.0.4 Numerous improvements, updates and fixes.
1.0.3 Many bugs fixed and improved several functions in backoffice.
1.0.2 Additional fix.
1.0.1 Many bugs fixed, added minor improvements.
1.0.0 Initial plugin release
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Product version: 1.2.2
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Published on: 6. Oct 2023
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