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Secure content of your classifieds website from competitors those would like to steal/copy text and images from your website, without your permission.

Text and Images Guard for Classifieds

Content Protection Plugin helps to secure most important part of your classifieds - "CONTENT" - from stealing. There are several ways plugin can fight from content being copied manually from your website by humans to another classifieds.

Content protection method and functionalities

Let's check all that plugin offer to secure your data, content, texts and images:

  • Trim & Enrich copied text - when visitors try to copy text from your website, text in clipboard always gets trimmed to 240 characters and at the end of trimmed text is added "Read more at: {URL}". This is very effective protection, at same time not too annoying for your standard customers.
  • Disable right click - right click with mouse will not be functional, so i.e. it's complicated to find out source URL for images or get context menu with "copy" option. Plugin also allow to enable right clicks on inputs, that allows right clicks on inputs (text, radio, checkbox, ...), textareas and buttons, so it's still possible to easily paste text i.e. when customer publish new listing or create account on registration form.
  • Disable content selection - selecting text will not be possible anymore on your Osclass installation, so it's very complicated to i.e. select item title and description, then copy it and use on another classifieds. Alternatively, admin can only disable selection on specific selectors, as example just on listing title and description.
  • Warning in browser console - show formatted warning message in console that content is your ownership and it's strictly forbidden to copy it without your consent.
  • Create "fake" covers - plugin can create fake cover boxes/divs on item title, description or any other selector, that makes selection and copying of these data impossible and when anyone right click on covered text, it's not showing this text, but cover box in source code

These are all powerful methods that helps you fight with competitors those would like to empower their classifieds with content and listings from your website.

Keep in mind, that this plugin helps to fight "humans", crawling bot that is precisely configured for your website would still be able to steal content, as the content is still present (and must be present) in source code.

Product features and functionality

Basic documentation included
Add front office functionality
Simple installation
Coding skills NOT required
Theme modifications NOT required
Use hooks for theme integration
No dependency on 3rd party services
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Product support includes

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Answer technical queries about product features
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Help with installation in case there is problem
Product in English language (other locales provided by community)

Support does not include

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Changelog - Product updates history

1.1.1 Fixed minor issues and bugs with title filter
1.1.0 Based on customer's feedback, we've added brand new feature that trim and enrich copied text and add your website link at the end of clipboard.
1.0.0 Initial plugin release
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Product version: 1.1.1
Last update: 6 months ago
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Published on: 31. Jan 2023
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