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Google Connect Plugin
Published 9 months ago

Google Connect is osclass plugin that allow user to login into osclass using their Google account. This will make registration much easier to your classifieds users.

Google Connect plugin is easy, but powerful plugin for osclass that helps to increase conversion of registrations of your classifieds users. More registered users means there will be more listings published by them, as publish process is easier for registered.

Connect functionality, keep your osclass easy to use

  • when user Login with Google for first time, new profile is created (registration done on background) where information are filled from it's Google profile
  • when user login again, no registration is done, just it's osclass profile is found and logged in
  • login is remembered so when user leave your website or close web browser and later return back to your site, user is still logged in
  • if you have Profile Picture Plugin installed, picture from user's google profile is taken and pulled to this plugin, so user has also picture in osclass user profile

Login button types

  • Image button - default image is used to show button
  • Link button - login link is shown
  • Raw login link - login URL is shown (in case you want to define and style login button by yourself)

Other features

  • detail tutorial how to get your Google Application
  • stats showing how many people used Google Login on your site
  • auto-prompt for Google Application: User needs to accept use of it's personal information from google profile by your application just once


Support forums

Theme features and functionality

Documentation included
Require theme modifications
Add front office functionality

Product updates and customer care Updates history

Current version is v1.0.4
Last update 5 months ago (17. Mar 2018)
Product supports osclass 3.0 or higher
Seller updated this product 4 times
Seller rating is 4.2 of 5 - Excellent (62 reviews)
Product rating is 3 of 5 - Good - (2 reviews)
Product has been downloaded 683 times
This product is ownership of author and covered by author license. You cannot reproduce, share or use it's code it even it is free.
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62 reviews
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Rating 4.2 based on 62 reviews
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Redirect problem by on 10. May 2018

Hi, when i push the button, it goes to google login, and i log in the google, but it doesn't redirect to the website and stay in google login page. when i manually go back to website, i see that its successfully logged in with google. why doesn't it redirect to the website and stay in google login page? how can i solve it? Thank You
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Osclass Google Login by MB Themes on 10. May 2018

Hello Big, thanks for your feedback. For support use our forums please. Ensure you have SSL enabled and your google application is configured correctly.
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please the plugin by on 18. Feb 2018

works, but your plugin add what i dont need and i dont known how to remove it this {Premium osclass themes and plugins } i will be happy if u can direct me where i can change it
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osclass google login by MB Themes on 18. Feb 2018

Anytime you can disable credit author link in pluign configuration, but keep in mind it takes a lot of time to create plugin and you got it for free ;) ... link will not hurt you.
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Rating 4.2 based on 62 reviews
1 hour 23 mins avg. respond time
Seller since 2017
42 products developed
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