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Meta tags management and on-page SEO factors enhancements were never easier! Seo PRO Plugin brings advanced features to manage your meta tags, customize them for every page and get more interactions with your classifieds.

Beat your competition

To rank on first places in search engines, you need to be better than the competition. Your meta tags must be more attractive, unique and meaningful so when customer see your link in search results, you get higher Clickthrough rate (CTR).

You classifieds must be faster, better, unique and full of content comparing to other classifieds or marketplaces those do the same as you.

Score with Multilingual support on-page Seo factors

Building content that is relevant to user preferred language is super-important nowadays! If you want to be 1 step ahead of competition, you should precisely specify meta tags for all your supported languages.

Seo PRO comes with full support for multilingual classifieds. You can even define different tags structure for every locale/language you have active in your front-end.


Unique Meta Tags for Best SEO

Our SEO Extension is fully focused on meta tags tuning- meta title and meta description. Besides that it comes with “Seo text” feature – helps to enrich your site with unique text / content writing.

Seo text helps to add more creative content on every page

Brand new feature especially helpful for classifieds, those suffer from duplicated and non-unique content.

So what SEO Text does? It is configured in same way as meta title and description and added ideally into page footer or sidebar and allows you to do copywrighting on every single page of your classifieds platform.

You can write interesting text or article (few sentences) for every city, category, or specific search page. Let's say you have 20 regions, it's incredibely helpful to add unique content about each region to your site that makes each region search page more exceptional.

Seo text can be auto-hooked into footer or you may use plugin hook "footer_seo_pro" to place Seo text anywhere you like.

Advanced Meta Tags Construction

Seo PRO comes with super-progressive tags builder that helps you to construct pixel-perfect meta for your marketplace. You might be wondering how it differs to All in One SEO Plugin that also has meta tags builder, but simply said that one is simple and Seo PRO comes with advanced builder.

Tags Builder Features:

  • Create tag as combination of text & variables
  • Supports unique tags structure & content for each locale (or disable locale and use same tags structure for all locales)
  • Pre-defined variables for each page section - more than 100 variables
  • Advanced building techniques: use first non-empty tag from list or join multiple tags together
  • Real-time tags viewer with simulated preview in Google and length suggestions
  • Custom plugin rules - to rewrite plugin-generated tags with your owns (ie. Business profile home page)
  • Custom search rules - based on own parameters define meta tags in selected section of search page (ie. for specific car type)
  • Custom site short/long name, company name and phone just to be used in meta tags
  • Custom tags for: Category, Country, Region, City and Static page with search box and pagination
  • Custom text to be used in meta tags (you can create tens of custom texts)
  • Advanced mode that disable UI for tags and you can use functions to merge multiple tags together
  • Help box in front to identify current page location and section for custom rules


Custom Pre-Defined Meta Tags

As already noted, Seo PRO plugin enables you to easily define meta tags, including meta title, meta description and seo text for following sections:

  • Category
  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Static page

This helps you to re-use same specific content on multiple places/sections.

User Defined Meta Tags for Listings

Plugin supports user defined meta tags (title & description) for listings. This feature can be restricted to admins or logged-in users only, or completely hidden.

Our SEO extension helps you to hide meta keywords in Osclass as these are not used by at least 10 years.


Subdomains support

Seo PRO extension provide full support to subdomain based Osclass classifieds as well. When subdomain is enabled, new types of parameters are available in meta tags configuration.

  • Country based subdomains - Country name, Country custom title/description/text
  • Region based subdomains - Region name, Region custom title/description/text
  • City based subdomains - City name, City custom title/description/text
  • Category based subdomains - Category name, Country custom title/description/text
  • User based subdomains - User name
  • Language based subdomains - no extra params as locale code & name are already supported by default

Subdomains features of plugin require Osclass 8.1 or higher!


Note: Make sure to check tips & tricks for this plugin here: https://osclasspoint.com/blog/seo-classifieds-marketplace-plugin-pro-b43

Available translations

Product features and functionality

RTL ready (Arabic, Hebrew, ...)
Basic documentation included
Add back office functionality
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Simple installation
Coding skills NOT required
Theme modifications NOT required
Use hooks for theme integration
Recommended for advanced osclass users
No dependency on 3rd party services
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Product support includes

12 months access to support and latest updates
Support can be extended anytime for 35% of base price (+12 months)
Availability of seller to answer questions
Answer technical queries about product features
Assistance with reported bugs or issues
Help with installation in case there is problem
Product in English language (other locales provided by community)

Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
Support on free/gratis plugins delivered with premium themes
Installation service
Translation and localization services

Seller support quality and speed

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Changelog - Product updates history

1.0.5 Seo text now supports HTML tags. These are shown as raw HTML inside fields. Support applies to custom category/country/region/city/page tags as well.
1.0.4 On search page, plugin now search for country/region/city IDs by itself, instead of rely on Osclass - more stable results for custom tags.
On search page, if specific combination is not defined (ie. country, or region + category), then default search page configuration is used instead (currently default Osclass tag was used instead).
In backoffice, when you are on specific location & section configuration of meta tags, after save you are redirected back to that specific location & section.
1.0.3 Added support for all subdomains types.
1.0.2 Fix on search page with correct location selection.
1.0.1 Added warning message into backoffice in case All in One SEO Plugin is enabled and does not have meta tags feature disabled.
Added new sections into "search" location: Category + Pattern, Category + Country, Category + Region, Category + City.
When search contains city, region & country is removed from check (city has priority region & country), when search contains region, country is removed from check (region has priority before country).
Fixed few minor issues.
1.0.0 Initial plugin release
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Product rating: 5.0 - Excellent, based on 2 reviews

Seo Plugin by Ömer IŞIK on 7. Nov 2023

5.0 - Excellent
Merhaba seo eklentisi güzel lakın sitemap olsa daha güzel olucak

Very nice plugin by Remus on 10. Aug 2023

5.0 - Excellent
A very good and nice plugin. For future updates i suggest to may put html inside, it will be very usefull. Thanks!
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5.0 - Excellent Based on 2 reviews
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Product technical details

80 orders
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Product version: 1.0.5
Last update: 6 months ago
Osclass support: 4.0+, 8.0+ Download osclass
Product rating: 5 of 5 - Excellent
Published on: 13. Jul 2023
Folder name: seo_pro