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All in One SEO Plugin allows to manage and improve on-pageand off-page SEO factors in osclass. This is most complex and advanced osclass plugin that offer complete SEO solution for your classifieds. Plugin belongs to greatest and highest quality plugin that are available for osclass. It's functionality is simply must for every classifieds, as it helps to increase conversions to site.

Do not miss our guide How to do SEO on osclass.

Seo plugin functionality

It gives admin options to rapidly improve:

  • on-page SEO factors - meta titles, description, meta tags order and complete generation control for categories, listings, search page, home page and static pages
  • off-page SEO factors - backlinks manager on your site, reciprocal links checker & manager
  • other - sitemap generator, robots.txt constructor, .htaccess file generator, SEO statistics of your web

Objective of this plugin is improve Meta Tags & SEO for your classifieds and bring more customers from search engines and also higher click rate in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, ...) 

Listings, items

Objective of SEO on osclass is to get users to browser listings on your classifieds. More user means more opportunities to monetize site.

  • custom Meta Title & Description for every listing that can be entered when user add/edit listing or modified by admin
  • allow to post custom Meta tags for listing to:
    • All users - everyone can add own meta to listing
    • Only registered users - only users that are adding new or modifying existing listing can enter own meta - perfect to benefit registration and push users to register
    • Only administrator - only user that is logged in as administrator in same browser can enter custom meta
  • position of each meta element is fully customizable (show/hide or change order/position of element) - Listing title (Meta listing title), country, region, city, page title
  • define custom page title for listing page (i.e. on homepage can be: YourSite.com - Best free classifieds, for you listing page it can be: YourSite.com)
  • set position of page title regardless of other Meta elements - first or last

Search, Category, Location, Keyword

Search page on classifieds is starting point to all listings. Attracting search engines to crawl this page dynamically (for categories, countries, regions & cities, keywords,...) is very important. Basic problem of search page is duplicated content with same meta tags.

  • custom Meta Title and Description for every osclass category
  • position of each meta element is fully customizable (show/hide or change order/position of element) - category name (Meta name), search pattern, country, region, city, page title
  • define custom page title for category & search page (i.e. on homepage can be: YourSite.com - Best free classifieds, for you search & category page it can be: Search on YourSite.com)
  • set position of page title regardless of other Meta elements - first or last

Page, Content, Information, Stats

Seo plugin enable to setup custom meta tags for static pages - content. This is very required in case of writting helpful content or different tips and trics.

  • custom Meta Title and Description for every static osclass page
  • custom Page title for all pages except Home, Category & Search and Listing page (i.e. for user account, user public profile, contact page, ...)
  • delimiter used to separate Meta elements (can be any character: -, |, :, /, white space or any other)
  • extensive SEO description & tips to improve click rate, plugin functions and usage, ...
  • SEO statistics can be checked directly from plugin - google pagerank, backlinks, indexed pages, alexa rank, tweets, facebook shares, google plus shares, ...

Robots.txt, .htaccess

To tell robots where to go and where do not, what to index and what not to index, Seo plugin allows to define Robots.txt file. To  improve performance, caching and loading of your osclass as well as to define friendly URLs, plugin allows to create .htaccess file.

  • generate robots.txt file to tell crawling bots which pages should / should not be indexed in search engines
  • generate .htaccess file
  • every modification is done using plugin interface without need to access/edit any file
  • when plugin is used for first time to edit robots.txt or .htaccess file, backup of original file is created for any case (when some problems occur, you can use backup to restore original content)
  • when function of custom robots.txt or custom .htaccess file is disabled, original content of files is automatically restored
  • tips and documentation links for correct robots.txt & .htaccess file creation 

Backlinks and Reciprocal links manager

Offpage Seo factors takes bit more time not just to get, but also to maintain. Once you get backlink from some site, it may be hard to make sure this link is still there. Plugin allows to manage backlinks following to external site from yours, as well as to monitor links on external sites targeting to your site.

  • complete manager for link exchange that is very improtant off-page SEO factor part
  • add backlink that should be published on website
  • autohook backlinks to footer or place backlinks manually on any place
  • temporary disable backlink and show/not to show it in footer (links list)
  • add rel="nofollow" to link body that tells crawling bots not to follow this link (improve your SEO ranking, detail description of pros & cons is written in plugin)
  • add reciprocal link - your link that is shown on external website, also contact to owner of external website (email)
  • reciprocal link checker - if someone remove your link, it is possible to check this directly from plugin (found, not found, ...)
  • when reciprocal link not found, email notification to external website owner can be send directly from plugin

Do you need more information, problems with installation? Do not hesitate to contact us. Nulled.

Product features and functionality

Add back office functionality
Add front office functionality
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12 months access to support and latest updates
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Availability of seller to answer questions
Answer technical queries about product features
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Help with installation in case there is problem

Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
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Seller support quality and speed

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Changelog - Product updates history

3.3.0 Major update - sitemap generator reworked, now correctly generate location links as well as combinations of categories and locations. Engine has been redesigned to generate map much faster with less resources
3.2.1 Notices fixes
3.2.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
3.1.3 Yahoo sitemap api disabled as this service was shut down
3.1.2 Fixed problem with business profile plugin meta tags
3.1.1 updated locales and removed http links
3.1.0 Seo meta tags can be now defined in multiple languages
3.0.5 now works with different oc-admin repositories
3.0.4 updated product key
3.0.3 initial version
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6 reviews

very useful by michal.b.svk on 11. Jul 2021

thank you

One of the best plugin by Michael on 11. Jul 2021

One of the best osclass plugins for seo!

Review by Marc Windey on 23. Jun 2021

This plugin does everything it's supposed to do. A little knowledge is needed but with the help of MB Themes you are on your way in no time.

canonical by Krzysztof Cieślak on 11. Sep 2019

plugin work with canonical tag?
Osclass Seller's picture

Author response

Canonical urls are generated by osclass itself. Regards,

Good job by Hasan Eyvazoff on 8. Mar 2019

Very functional plugin. Added my own feature Multilanguage Attribute plugin values added dynamicly Seo title and other Thanks

Poor SEO Plugin by syed tahir on 1. Jan 2018

First my review was negative, but these guys updated plugin and explained everything I needed to know about SEO. I am really happy with plugin now! Support is awesome!
Osclass Seller's picture

Author response

Hello Syed, - meta keywords are not considered as SEO factor anymore, it has no benefit on seo of osclass - plugin does not allow to create fully custom meta tags for cities. This is possible just for Countries and Regions and does not make too much sense to do it. Thanks you!

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