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Increase conversion of listings on your osclass classifieds by allowing customers to make offer to seller.

Provide ability to customers to discuss about price on listings and submit their own offer. This improves sale of products published on your osclass classifieds and increase value of your site

Make offer functionality

  • "Make offer" functionality - allow customers to submit offer on product
  • Ajax technology - everything without page reloads!
  • Require validation - each offer must be approved by admin first
  • Allow functionality to logged users only
  • Enable to show status of offers so other users can see if offer was accepted or not
  • Enable quantity - offer based on quantity
  • Auto-hook to listing page or add link to price directly (no theme modifications)
  • Notification system - when there is new offer and when seller responds to offer
  • Make offer functionality enabled only on listings where seller enables this when publishing
  • Enable on existing listings (created before plugin installation)
  • Enable on particular categories only

How can I make offer?

When there is customer browsing listing on your site and really interested to buy product listed, it is usual there is discussion regarding price or volume discount. Plugin allows customer to submit own offer or volume offer for more suitable price. Seller is notified and can approve or reject offer of this customer. Customer is notified about status of offer.

Connect to Instant Messenger Plugin

Now you can also connect Make Offer Plugin to Instant Messenger. This means, when new offer is created, no email is sent, rather then offer is sent to instant messenger and create thread for this. Seller & buyer can continue with negotiation using instant messages instead of mailing.

Product features and functionality

Add front office functionality
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MB Themes seller

Product support includes

12 months access to support and latest updates
Support can be extended anytime for 35% of base price (+12 months)
Availability of seller to answer questions
Answer technical queries about product features
Assistance with reported bugs or issues
Help with installation in case there is problem

Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
Support on free/gratis plugins delivered with premium themes
Installation service

Seller support quality and speed

Seller updated this product 9 times
Seller rating is 4.6 of 5 - Excellent (305 reviews)
Respond usually in 1 hour 18 mins
Member since 2017
Spoken languages:
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Updates history

1.0.4 initial version
1.0.5 updated product key
1.1.0 Plugin does not use fancybox library anymore that improves it's compatibility
1.1.2 updated language issues
1.1.4 now offer can be sent to instant messanger plugin instead of email
1.1.5 Several updates to support Osclass 3.9
1.1.6 Price now use osc_format_price function in all the places
1.2.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
1.2.1 Notices fixes

4 reviews

Review by Anthony Marshall on 23. Mar 2021

Very good
This does work exactly as described however my visitors don't seem to understand how to use it properly. I will need to work on some instructions in my FAQ

Excellent by federicocitti on 3. Apr 2020

A really well made plugin. Easy to translate and thanks for the assistance given.

Review by Se Vende Pinar on 12. Feb 2019

No comment
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Author response

Thanks for feedback!

flatpickr by kinmou0625 on 6. Sep 2018

I add flatpikr in the modal page but it now work. I also do not know how can I get the support. Please help me any one.
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Author response

Hello, You may use our support forums for custom integration, but usually people want to integrate something and has absolutely no idea about coding. In this case it make sense to look for developer ;)

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Product technical details

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Product version: 1.2.1
Last update: 4 months ago
Osclass support: 3.0+, 4.0+ Download osclass
Product rating: 5 of 5 - Excellent
Published on: 16. Nov 2017