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Developing iOS or Android App and you need effective way to get data out of osclass into your app and backwards? Rest API Plugin for Osclass can handle more than 60 operations!

Rest API for Osclass - Develop your Mobile App

Osclass API can be useful in many different cases, where most important are:

  • mobile applications (iOS, Android)
  • exporting data to different systems
  • synchronization of multiple osclass installations
  • reading data into different system
  • works great with Ad Importer Plugin for Osclass


Easy to use

Every plugin should be simple to use, and even Rest API is pretty complex and robust solution for sharing and getting osclass information, usage cannot be simpler! Let's just quickly look how easy is to get data using rest api for osclass:

Sample link to get data:



Osclass Rest API plugin is ideal for that and provides following functionalities:

  • handle 60+ different operations on osclass
  • create multiple API keys for different usage
  • restrict API keys to specific operation (read, insert, update, delete)
  • logs history & statistics
  • provides output in JSON format

Calls portfolio

Let's look in detail what are calls supported by rest API plugin.

Reading data

Single listing data

  • Listing data by item ID
  • List of resources of listing
  • Location data of listing
  • List of meta data (custom fields) of listing
  • List of comments of listing
  • Count comments on listing

Multiple listings data (list)

  • List of items by category
  • List of listings by user (contact) email
  • List of listings by user ID
  • List of enabled listings by user ID

Listing counts

  • Count category active/inactive listings
  • Count category active/inactive enabled/disabled listings
  • Count user ID listings
  • Count user ID enabled listings

Category data

  • Single category data
  • List of subcategories of given category
  • List of root categories
  • List of categories tree
  • List all categories

City data

  • Single city data
  • Single city data by city name (and region ID)
  • List all cities (may be exhaustive)
  • Statistics of single city (item count)
  • List of cities by region ID

Region data

  • Single region data
  • Single region data by region name (and country code)
  • List of all regions
  • Statistics of single region (item count)
  • List of regions by country code

Country data

  • Single country data
  • Single country data by country name
  • List of all countries
  • Statistics of single country (item count)

Currency data

  • Single currency data
  • List of all currencies

Locale/language data

  • Single locale data
  • List of all locales

User data

  • Single user data
  • Single user data by email
  • Count all users
  • List of all comments posted by user ID

Search data

  • List of available sort columns
  • list of available sort options
  • List of premium items (randomized)
  • List of latest items
  • Search items based on provided parameters. All parameters available in bender theme can be passed to URL

Lately searched terms

  • List of lately searched terms (storing must be enabled)

Static pages (CMS)

  • Single static page data
  • List of all static pages

Insert data

Listing & user

  • Add an new listing. Same form composition is required as on bender theme - publish form, sending parameters to API url
  • Add an new user. Same form composition is required as on bender theme - registration form, sending parameters to API url

Update data

Listing & user

  • Mark listing as spam / bad_category / ...
  • Activate listing by itemId using item secret code
  • Edit listing. Same form composition is required as on bender theme - edit form, sending parameters to API url
  • Edit user. Same form composition is required as on bender theme - profile form, sending parameters to API url

Remove data

Listing & user

  • Remove listing
  • Remove listing resources
  • Remove user


Plugins support

Many osclass plugins has been integrated into Rest API, however advanced PHP knowledge and ability to check plugin functions is needed to be effectively work with integration of plugins. Not all functions of plugins are integrated, only core model functions that are really needed has been integrated.

Integration of following plugins is provided:

  • Osclass Pay
  • Business Profile
  • Make Offer
  • Attributes
  • User Rating
  • Youtube Video
  • Forums
  • Blog
  • Virtual products
  • Favorite Items
  • Instant Messenger
  • SMS Notification & Verification (create, update, get verification record)

For details what functions are in API, check backoffice demo of plugin.


Note: This plugin itself only show/expose data for other applications or systems, alternatively it process data received from other applications or systems.

Product features and functionality

Basic documentation included
Require PHP skills
Add back office functionality
Theme modifications NOT required
Coding skills recommended
Recommended for advanced osclass users
Advanced installation (need more skills)
No dependency on 3rd party services
Osclass Seller's picture
MB Themes seller

Product support includes

12 months access to support and latest updates
Support can be extended anytime for 35% of base price (+12 months)
Availability of seller to answer questions
Answer technical queries about product features
Assistance with reported bugs or issues
Help with installation in case there is problem
Product in English language (other locales provided by community)

Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
Support on free/gratis plugins delivered with premium themes
Installation service
Translation and localization services

Seller support quality and speed

Seller updated this product 23 times
Seller rating is 4.7 of 5 - Excellent (494 reviews)
Respond usually in 1 hour 20 mins
Member since 2017
Spoken languages:
Osclass Support (cz)
Osclass Support (sk)
Osclass Support (en)

Changelog - Product updates history

1.4.1 Added new API call for favorite items plugin.
1.4.0 Updated search items (latest, premiums, standard search) with item resources, so each item contains list of all its resources under "resources" key.
Split backoffice content into several more sections (Statistics, Documentation) to make management more intuitive.
Added ability to auto-purge old logs and logs retention period.
1.3.6 Fixed issue with Instant Messenger Plugin
1.3.5 Added user recover password functionality.
Edit user profile functionality is now under "admin mode" so it is possible to change also passwords via it.
1.3.4 Fixed problem with adding new listing via API
1.3.3 Added support to SMS Notification & Verification plugin - create & update verification record in database
1.3.2 Fixed incorrect message when plugin is installed. Set of improvements done.
1.3.1 Added integration to SMS Verification plugin, Rest API now allows to get verification record for phone & email
1.3.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
1.2.5 Fixed problems with osclass pay plugin missing function
1.2.4 Fixed Osclass Pay Plugin location block (from insert to read)
1.2.3 Improved item add / edit, user add / edit, new meaningful messages added for these actions.
1.2.2 Updated user add/edit and item add/edit functionality
1.2.1 Improved search items API
1.2.0 Plugin got completely new functionality for search items API. You can now put any parameter that works on search page as well.
1.1.4 Updates on attributes plugin API
1.1.3 Bug fix
1.1.2 Added new option to get all item attribute values
1.1.1 Fixed bug with missing file and incorrect function
1.1.0 Major release - integration of many osclass plugins into rest api
1.0.2 Fixed several bugs with functions
1.0.1 Minor updates
1.0.0 Initial release
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Product rating: 5.0 - Excellent, based on 3 reviews

Extending possibilities for Osclass by MvdO79 on 20. Dec 2021

5.0 - Excellent
Great way to extend possibilities for your Osclass website, mobile app or devs in other languages then php.

nice work by Sarjoon on 24. Nov 2020

5.0 - Excellent
excellent plugin you made and try to update all functions of plugins & integrated other pluginis support
Osclass Seller's picture

Author response

Thanks for your support, good ideas must be integrated, as well as bugs must be fixed wink

great plugin by Nicolae Stan on 1. Jul 2020

5.0 - Excellent
keep it up, great plugin
Osclass Seller's picture

Author response

Thanks for feedback! As this API plugin is brand new for osclass, let us know your feedback if you miss something wink

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