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Would you like to give your verified sellers option to create own store - business profile? That's why Business Profile Plugin is there! Turn your osclass into business directory in few seconds, it's never been easier.

Business Directory Osclass Plugin

Plugin enables every user to create business profile for own brand or company to be able to better advertise own listings on your classifieds.

  • Logo - user can upload own logo into profile (logo can be reused)
  • Cover, Color - to better propagate own brand, user can upload own cover image as well as brand color that is applied on some theme elements
  • Validation - admin has full control over who is eligible to have business profile
  • Identifier - based on user name, unique indetifier is created and used in URL. This enhance SEO and conversions from google to business profile
  • Primary categories - seller can choose what are primary categories for it's business. When user click on category link, redirection shows just items of this seller 
  • Opening hours - enables to define opening hours in store
  • Social network links - to improve social marketing, seller can define links to social business accounts. Currently supported networks are: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and own link
  • Features - based on admin definition of available features, sellers can choose these in profile to be shown (like Free Parking, Gift, Coffe, ...)
  • Accepted payments - based on admin definition of available payments, seller can choose what are supported payment methods in it's store (like Paypal, COD, Cash, Credit Card, ...)
  • Image gallery - users can upload one or more images those will be shown as image gallery on their profile.
  • Video gallery  - users can define one or more youtube videos those will be shown as gallery on their public profile - ready to play.
  • Interactive filtering - user's listings can be filtered by category and city without leaving profile page
  • Pagination - in case there is too many listings on profile, or too many business profiles, admin can setup pagination (i.e. 18 per page)
  • Meta tags - meta tags are generated in order to improve SEO and conversions to profile page
  • Profile picture - plugin cooperates with Profile Picture Plugin (free) and whenever user uploads new logo, this is updated in Profile Picture Plugin as well
  • Users's gallery - user can upload one or more pictures into its gallery that will be visible on business profile page. Gallery use lightgallery script in order to create slideshow from pictures on click.
  • Sitemap - generate sitemap and submit it to google in order to reduce time it takes to crawl business profiles and get them to google results.


Admin can choose to to validate automatically all the profiles, or each must be validated manually.

Next, seller can be marked as verified getting verified label on business profile. This option is useful especially for people those personally knows some of their sellers. You can give more trust to your classifieds.

Then, there are 3 types of users:

  • Basic - standard business profile
  • Pro - professional seller
  • VIP - important seller for your store

There is no extra functionality besides getting label on profile.

There is option from admin to remove profile as well.

Monetize Osclass

Business Profile Plugin provides option to monetize your site using Osclass Pay Plugin. When plugin is installed, you can choose groups in those membership is required in order to have profile active.

This means, that when user purchase membership, profile is automatically activated (auto-validation can be disabled) and when membership expires, business profile is disabled automatically.

Based on attr (attribute) field in Osclass Pay Group, you can also define to which  type will be user's profile assigned automatically (Basic, Pro, VIP).

Show Store on Map

If you have Google Maps Plugin installed (free) and API key for google defined, plugin will add link to show store on map, if location has been set by user. Map is shown in place of cover image that ideally re-use space.

Contact Seller

User can click on button and simple contact form will be available to drop an email to seller. Phone numbers are shown as links with tel: attribute in order to enable quick calls to seller.

Compatibility and versatility

Business Profile Plugin will work with any standard theme and should have no conflict with other plugins. Plugin is based on own stylesheet and these are transfered to other themes as well.

Note: In order to show listings on business profile page, your theme must have loop-single.php file. Plugin use this one to generate listings. If this file is missing, profile will works alright, however listings will not be shown.

On demo, emails are disabled, edits are disabled in order to keep content there.

Use PHP 5.6 or higher.

Product features and functionality

RTL ready (Arabic, Hebrew, ...)
Basic documentation included
Add back office functionality
Add front office functionality
Coding skills NOT required
Theme modifications NOT required
No dependency on 3rd party services
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MB Themes seller

Product support includes

12 months access to support and latest updates
Support can be extended anytime for 35% of base price (+12 months)
Availability of seller to answer questions
Answer technical queries about product features
Assistance with reported bugs or issues
Help with installation in case there is problem
Product in English language (other locales provided by community)

Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
Support on free/gratis plugins delivered with premium themes
Installation service
Translation and localization services

Seller support quality and speed

Seller updated this product 35 times
Seller rating is 4.7 of 5 - Excellent (508 reviews)
Respond usually in 1 hour 20 mins
Member since 2017
Spoken languages:
Osclass Support (cz)
Osclass Support (sk)
Osclass Support (en)

Changelog - Product updates history

1.8.0 It is now possible to hook "Companies" button/link to header from backoffice, using Osclass hooks 8.2
1.7.9 Enhanced pagination functions on plugin home page (sellers) and seller listings that now works much better with large amount of items/sellers.
1.7.8 Fixed bug in backoffice that caused changes in identifier after each save.
1.7.7 It is possible to select layout for video gallery - list, grid or mixed (list for 0-2 videos, grid for 3 and more videos).
Company profile picture (logo) is now visible on mobile - seller's profile page.
User type badge is now visible on mobile - seller's profile page.
Verified badge is now visible on mobile - seller's profile page.
1.7.6 Added pagination into backoffice - list of profiles - with default 25 profiles per page.
Added new message to user profile to get more business profile registrations.
1.7.5 Improvements in user-profile area when auto-validation of profiles is enabled.
1.7.4 Brand-new auto-updater has been implemented into plugin (may cause initial error message to appear).
Updated legal notice feature on business profile to by hidden by default and collapsable.
Cities list on seller profile now check for native location names.
Many minor updates.
1.7.3 Added brand new function "Legal notice" that allows users to define legal notice in their business profile. This notice is then shown on all listings from this user (thanks for sponsoring).
It is now possible to configure Video URL (in embedded video block) to be used (i.e. nocookie).
1.7.2 Youtube videos now can be video IDs, share, embedded or browser URL of video.
Not strict embedded format anymore.
1.7.1 Major update: Video Gallery - Added brand new option that allows to define one or more youtube videos in business profile.
These videos are then shown (lazy load) on business profile of user.
Important: Native RTL support added directly to plugin (will not be part of themes anymore).
To identify RTL text direction, plugin detects if "dir" attribute on "html" tag is set to "rtl" (html[dir="rtl"]).
1.6.4 Fixed bug that did not allowed to upload other than PNG user logo in front office.
Fixed bug that incorrectly stored (wrong location) user logo image.
1.6.2 Added 2 new features based on community request.
Admin can now enable feature that allows users to remove their business profile.
Admin can now enable feature that enables business profile only to company users.
Fixed bug when user folder was not removed after removing all user related images.
Fixed bug when user images were not removed after removing profile in backoffice.
1.6.1 Improved retro-compatibility with older osclass versions.
1.6.0 Major update: Added brand new feature - sellers's gallery, where seller can upload multiple images into their profile and show it as gallery.
Major update: Implemented sitemap features, you can now generate sitemap for your profile.
Major update: Images uploaded by users has been moved into uploads folder.
After update, disable & enable plugin to perform updates of database tables.
1.5.0 Major update: Admin can now create new profile from backoffice.
Admin can now update existing profiles from backoffice.
All features are now available from backoffice as well as from frontoffice.
Companies list in backoffice has been redesigned and is now more compact.
1.4.2 Native location name support added to city select box filter.
1.4.1 Plugin now fully supports native location names (translated locations) introduced in Osclass v4.1.
1.4.0 Added option to upload gif, jpg, jpeg, webp images as icon & cover.
Added option to remove icon & cover.
Design adjustments.
Removed legacy styles and fonts
1.3.1 Added feature that when user is blocked, business profile is disabled (if exists & enabled).
Added feature that when user is removed, business profile is removed as well (if exists).
1.3.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
1.2.5 Removed google plus from share list, as this network has been shut down
1.2.4 Fixed problem with missing categories
1.2.3 Several updates to support Osclass 3.9
1.2.2 Updated email template (added phone & email)
1.2.1 Missing tranlsations fixed
1.2.0 Search by profile city & category now possible, multi-checkbox for categories on profile page, it is possible now to show block with profiles anywhere
1.1.4 Added search functionality - visitors now can search business profile by name
1.1.3 Problem with Osclass Pay Plugin when no groups were selected as premium fixed
1.1.2 Fixed issue with updating payments and features, updated design & functionality for backoffice - configure
1.1.1 Now features and payments can be translated to any language and plugin is full multilingual
1.0.4 Fixed issue with membership payment, improved public profile redirect
1.0.3 Added few helper functions
1.0.2 Fixed problem with updating user type from osclass pay plugin
1.0.1 Added cooperation with Profile picture plugin
1.0.0 Initial release
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Product rating: 5.0 - Excellent, based on 13 reviews

Excellent by Helen Trott on 30. Jan 2024

5.0 - Excellent
I highly recommend adding this plugin to your classified website. Definitely enhances the look of the site and adds a nice touch of professionalism to your website.

i am thankful by dragutturgut on 22. Sep 2023

5.0 - Excellent
Tq for developing this kind of great and affordable plugin. for me most all of your stuff are really good, useful and most important very less bug. i found almost no bug at all. very creative and responsible developer. u deliver things with good quality! thank u very much osclasspoint n mb theme

Review by Tims on 28. Mar 2023

5.0 - Excellent
Great plugin, is constantly being developed and updated. Good work!

Review by Andrey on 7. Aug 2022

5.0 - Excellent
Great job. Quality plugin.

Verry good by yvelef on 2. Feb 2022

5.0 - Excellent
Wonderfull Scripts
Osclass Seller's picture

MB Themes response:

Thanks so much for your review!

Super by NZK on 28. Jan 2022

5.0 - Excellent
Prima Plugin
Osclass Seller's picture

MB Themes response:

Thanks NZK, we appreciate your feedback wink

Buen plugin by Inmo Sistem on 8. Sep 2020

5.0 - Excellent
Es un buen plugin, mejora los servicios de los vendedores del sitio. Lo recomiendo. Buen soporte
Osclass Seller's picture

MB Themes response:

¡gracias por tu apoyo!

Review by Spencer Culpin on 10. Dec 2019

5.0 - Excellent
Fantastic plugin! It would be even better if a future version would auto resize image uploads and allow different image formats too.
Osclass Seller's picture

MB Themes response:

Thank you Spencer, appreciate it!

Excellent Plugin by Blackunicorn on 28. Apr 2019

5.0 - Excellent
I Confess, This is the best plugin out there! Money bought is worth it. Is there anything like short code for this plugin? For example <?php echo “business_profile_grid_4” ?> To display latest 4 business in any page. Is this possible?
Osclass Seller's picture

MB Themes response:

Thanks for your review! You can use function <?php if(function_exists('bpr_companies_block')) { echo bpr_companies_block($limit, $order); } ?> ... details are in plugin configuration

Awesome by Nicolae Stan on 12. Apr 2019

5.0 - Excellent
Probably the best plugin for osclass, thanks
Osclass Seller's picture

MB Themes response:

Thank you for your feedback, I think business profile is must for any classifieds

ottimo ma da migliorare by Associazione Trovadog on 30. Nov 2018

5.0 - Excellent
Credo manchi la possibilità di inserire un costo per le spedizioni e un'area testuale tipo articolo blog per descrivere l'azienda. Forse utilizzandolo avro altri suggerimenti. in ogni caso a mio parere è geniale come idea e molto benfatto. Dimenticavo la misura dellafoto che viene fornita on va bene in quanto con 1600 x 600 l'immagine viene tagliata. Complimenti a me piacciono tutti i vostri prodotti.
Osclass Seller's picture

MB Themes response:

Thanks for your review on Business Profile plugin for osclass. User can enter description into user description field in it's profile (also called "About section").

Review by Pavel on 1. Sep 2018

5.0 - Excellent
Excellent and very useful plugin!
Osclass Seller's picture

MB Themes response:

Thanks Pavel, we love when our customers enjoy plugins.

good by ARIEL SOTO on 27. Aug 2018

5.0 - Excellent
very good plugin but need add boton in header, tag ads shop. etc
Osclass Seller's picture

MB Themes response:

Thanks for your feedback, I believe that categories each comany can pick as primary are sufficient for tags. Otherwise tags without further functionality does not have sense.

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