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Osclass Blog and News Plugin
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Create responsive mobile friendly blog or news section on your osclass in minute. Osclass Blog Plugin enables to create articles on blog, new users - authors, categories and comments.


Osclass Blog - be blogger

Overview of Osclass Blog Plugin:

  • Blog articles - Admin or selected users can publish articles with rich options as title, subtitle, author, status, seo meta tags, text and category. Admin can set articles to be validated first. Articles with status "Premium" will be visible just to users that are in selected membership user groups (require Osclass Pay Plugin).
  • Authors - Not just admin can publish to blog, new author accounts can be created for your partners those can publish new articles from front. Author account can be linked to existing osclass account or it can be just account used by admin. Authors may have restriction to be able to publish just in selected categories.
  • Categories - Articles can be categorized differently than osclass categories structure. Admin can create set of categories with rich options, like set category color, description, etc. Authors can be assigned to these categories and allowed to create blog articles in these categories only
  • Comments - Enable communication on blogs and commenting from your users. Every logged-in user can leave comment on blog articles. Comments can be disabled at all or may require admin validation.
  • Multilingual Blog - Osclass Blog Plugin fully support multilanguage osclass site. Articles and categories can be created in different languages.
  • Perfect SEO Booster - What is most important in terms of SEO? Unique content. This blog plugin allows you to publish new content daily and keep your osclass attractive for search engines. Plugin is very SEO friendly and generates nice meta title and description for each article, category, author and homepage. On articles author can enter also custom Meta Title and Meta Description to even improve SEO rating on blog.
  • Widgets - Put latest articles on blog anywhere on your site, it's so easy



Plugin integration is extremely simple, it does not require any theme modifications to make it fully functional, however you should place link to your blog into theme files. To achieve this, place following code anywere you want to see blog link:

<?php if(function_exists('blg_home_button')) { echo blg_home_button(); } ?>


Alternative solution for integration is to use widget. Blog widget adds section that contains latest articles on blog in 2 layouts:

  • Grid - ideal for home page or large-width areas
  • List - ideal for sidebar placement or small-width blocks

Place following code anywhere to use type based on plugin settings:

<?php osc_run_hook('blg_widget'); ?>

Or use following code if you need to place blog widget multiple times with different types (replace 'grid' with 'list' when needed):

<?php if(function_exists('blg_widget')) { blg_widget('grid'); } ?>

Widgets are responsive and does not require any style modifications.


Get paid for your blog and earn money with your osclass

Osclass Blog Plugin is fully compatible with Osclass Pay Plugin and helps you to monetize osclass even more effective.

Articles can be Private, Public and Premium:

  • Private articles are not visible in blog
  • Public articles are visible to anyone on blog
  • Premium articles are visible just to logged users that has purchased membership via Osclass Pay Plugin. What membership groups are allowed to see premium content can be set by admin. Users that are not eligible to see premium content will see just start of article, to get their interest. 


Reorder articles? No problem!

You can easily drag & drop your articles and change default ordering by publish date. This may be very helpful if you have article that should be shown as first each time.  Categories can be ordered as well.


Advanced search logic

Do you hate how osclass search mechanism is working? We do as well and therefore we've developed own mechanism to search keyword on your blog.

Let's look on this simple example, where user looks for keyword: "How to" css

Our search engine will return blog articles that contains how to or css in title, subtitle or content of article.


Multilanguage blog

As mentioned before, our Osclass Blog and News Plugin is ready for multilingual osclass, following fields can be translated to multiple languages:

  • Article: Title, Subtitle, Content, Seo Title, Seo Description
  • Category: Name, Description

In case any field does not exist in current user language when browsing blog, blog plugin find this field in most suitable locale.


Universal plugin design

We care on design for not just themes, but also plugins - this is true for Blog Plugin as well. It's design is very versatile and as it use own stylesheets only, it will fit to any theme. Plugin was developed on bender theme.

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Rating 4.3 based on 74 reviews
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Review by on 5. Sep 2018

Great plugin for Blog!!!
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Review by on 30. Aug 2018

No comment
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Excellent plugin by on 26. Aug 2018

It integrates and works extremely well. It has several configuration options but not so many that it's difficult. Further integration (such as display blogs within a page or item) would be great. But it does what it says and does it well. Thanks.
Osclass Seller's picture

Osclass blog by MB Themes on 26. Aug 2018

Thanks for your feedback, we are already working on improvements.
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Мнение о плагине by on 18. May 2018

Купил плагин, установил. Радует то что в плагине есть возможность загружать превью, управление категориями и статьями так же радует. Есть возможность редактировать шаблоны вывода новостпей. Но к сожалению топорный код и его приходится ручками редактировать. Использую данный плагин для вывода новостей. Переделал под себя, теперь выглядит не плохо.
35.99 €
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Rating 4.3 based on 74 reviews
1 hour 24 mins avg. respond time
Seller since 2017
45 products developed
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