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Listing Attributes Plugin for Osclass that enables to quickly add different types of custom fields/attributes on listings in multiple languages.

Car attributes, Job attributes, Real-Estate attributes, ...

Plugin enables to add 10 different types for fields:

  • Select box - supports up to 8 levels of cascading dropdowns. Ideal for car attributes.
  • Radio buttons - select one from multiple options
  • Checkboxes - select one or more from multiple options. (can be required field as well)
  • Text - short text or number
  • Text area - long text, suitable for job attributes (resume, ...)
  • Date - date selector
  • Date range - date range selector
  • URL - link format, checked with HTML5 validation
  • Phone - phone number format, checked with HTML5 validation
  • Email - mail format, checked with HTML5 validation

Each field can be set to be required when publishing new listing. This means user must enter value for selected field in valid format. For cascading dropdowns it can be any value from dropdown (not lowest level). From checkboxes, at least 1 value must be selected. Other fields has HTML5 validation for data type.

For correct functionality of required fields, theme must have correctly setup jQuery validation methods and should not contain any javascript errors. HTML5, javascript and PHP validation for required fields is applied.

Attributes are shown on item page using hook, so it does not require theme modification, however it's possible to show fields on different places then hooks, or simply each field on different position adding following code into theme files:

<?php if(function_exists('atr_show_attribute')) { echo atr_show_attribute( {attribute id} ); } ?>

Plugin has option to not show particular fields in hook as well as to restrict attributes to be shown in particular categories, that allows you to create:

  • car attributes
  • real-estate attributes
  • job attributes
  • dating attributes
  • animal attributes
  • furniture attributes
  • much more extensions for categories that require it

Icons for predefined values

Plugin allows to set icon for each predefined value (select box, radio buttons, checkboxes). These icons will be shown on item page.

Plugin is delivered with hundreds of free icons in size 32x32 px that can be found in plugin folder /img/default. When icon from this foder is used, it's not required to put whole address, just default/cars/icon_name.png

Each attribute as well as each predefined value can be ordered by needs of site owner simply just with drag & drop.

Multilanguage custom field on listings in search

Fields created with multilingual attributes plugin can be easily added into search form. This does not require any modification of theme, each field will keep it's type and in this way will be shown on search page.

Custom attributes with predefined values (select box, checkboxes, radio buttons) can be completely translated into any language, including predefined values. This allows to show fields to customers in their language (especially helpful for job attributes and real estate attributes).

Product features and functionality

Basic documentation included
Add back office functionality
Add front office functionality
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Product support includes

12 months access to support and latest updates
Support can be extended anytime for 35% of base price (+12 months)
Availability of seller to answer questions
Answer technical queries about product features
Assistance with reported bugs or issues
Help with installation in case there is problem

Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
Support on free/gratis plugins delivered with premium themes
Installation service

Seller support quality and speed

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Changelog - Product updates history

2.4.2 XSS vulnerability fixed
2.4.0 Major performance optimization for attributes with huge amount of values (4000+)
2.3.1 Problem with nested attribute values fixed (values not refreshing), another error notices fixed
2.3.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
2.2.3 Several minor fixes applied
2.2.2 Updates item values list funtion used in Rest API Plugin
2.2.1 Update for rest api plugin
2.2.0 Major release - attributes are now configured on own pages to make this process simpler.
attribute values now can be create also from list (dlimited by semicolon).
2.1.2 Replaced nestedSortable jquery library to latest as osclass one caused freezes
2.1.1 Problem with duplicated listings removed
2.1.0 Major update - you can now show only attribute values on search those belongs to at least 1 item / select all & deselect all buttons added for checkboxes / you can now change search engine for checkbox attribute and require search items to MATCH ANY OF SELECTED VALUES or MATCH ALL SELECTED VALUES
2.0.2 Table installation bug fix
2.0.1 Fixed issue with latest update, added option for single-selection of checkbox on publish page
2.0.0 Core rewritten from base - optimization of queries that improves performance of report
1.1.4 Fixed problem with hiding attributes on mobile devices
1.1.3 Search issue with checkbox ->.
dropdown field fixed
1.1.2 New layout on search - boxed view
1.1.1 Fixed problem on search page by showing all attributes when no category is selected
1.1.0 You can now search numerical attributes "in range", different layout can be chosen for search page (like dropdown show as radio buttons on search page). It is required to disable & enable plugin after update.
1.0.9 Changed "Select value..." into "Select ..." of attribute to improve user experience
1.0.8 Attributes osclass plugin now correctly shows single attribute values
1.0.7 fixed issues with required fields - radio and checkboxes
1.0.6 fixed issue with multilanguage custom values and attributes
1.0.5 supporting multi-sublevel categories now
1.0.4 fixed search form order
1.0.3 fixed problem with saving hierarchy
1.0.2 Fixed compatibility issue with osclass pay plugin
1.0.1 many values issue fixed, messages (ok,error) color fix.
1.0.0 initial version
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7 reviews

Things are good by Роман on 22. Aug 2021

There is not enough group in attributes.

Great for complex attribute management by MvdO79 on 13. Jul 2021

If you need more complex attribute management, this plugin is a must!

Excellent plugin by Dan Dan on 2. Jul 2019

It is one of the most successful and very useful plugins. I recommend with great pleasure. Thank you

Unbelievable fast support in every case by every plugin by m B. on 5. Jun 2019

It doesn't metter if it's a bug or your fault, MB-Themes is always very helpful and have an amazing fast response time! Although almost all of my plugins are from MB themes, I will buy many more from here, because of the quality of the plugins and the support! 10/10!

Masterful Developer by Mohamad on 22. Feb 2019

This is an plugin that I dreamed of someday. Wonderful work from a masterful developer Thank you.

Very Good by Associazione Trovadog on 20. Apr 2018

Very good
it is a very important plugin for the life of the site, I have already suggested improvements, I hope they can be inserted as soon as possible, in any case excellent product

All good, a good module by romeo on 27. Mar 2018

Very good
All good, a good module if you know how to use it, improved sometime and possibility to be the other modules update (bought by mb-themes.com)

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