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Would you like to provide discounts or vouchers to your premium customers, all customers, just to some services or particular groups? Discount on order/cart or extra credits via voucher? If yes, Osclass Voucher & Discount Plugin is right for you! Require Osclass Pay Plugin v1.8.0 or higher to be installed.

Discounts, vouchers and credits for osclass

Voucher Osclass Plugin enables you to issue unlimited number of vouchers/discounts with rich options to restrict them.

Voucher types

There are 3 basic types of vouchers:

  • Amount - provides value (amount) discount on whole order price
  • Percent - provides percentage discount on whole order price
  • Credit - enable osclass users to boost their wallet with extra credits, does not provide any discount on order/cart content

Rich discounts restrictions & Options

Plugin has many options how to restrict and customize voucher for different types of customers, promotions, ..

Voucher code - Generate your own user-friendly code for voucher, as example: 20OFF, XMAS50, ...

Description - For internal use, description of voucher is not shown to customers, allows to put there any personal comment for what audience and ocasion was voucher created.

Deactivate discount - You can anytime partially or completely disable promotion.

Quantity - Define how many vouchers is available, when quantity is spent, voucher is not available anymore. This allow to create promotion i.e. for first 20 customers.

Quantity per User - Restrict usage of vouchers per user, usually each customer can use voucher just once, but there are promotions those require usage of voucher multiple times by same customer. This is not applicable for credit type of voucher.

Quantity already used - This field cannot be changed, but shows how many customers used voucher already.

Voucher type - As described in previous section, 3 types of vouchers can be created: Amount, Percent and Credit

Reduction amount - Represents what discount voucher provides and accept only positive numerical values. Amount type of voucher reduction amount means how much is deduced from total cart amount. I.e. if amount 10 is entered into this field, 10$ is deducted from cart amount. Percent type of voucher amount represents percentage discount, as example if 20 is put into field, customer will get 20% discount on total cart amount. Credit type of voucher is bit different, reduction amount does not mean reduction, but how many credits will get customer signed to it's wallet. This voucher cannot be used in cart, but in Wallet section, i.e. if reduction amount is 50 and customer use promotion, customer's wallet will be boosted by 50$.

Note: currency $ is just example, currency can be changed in Osclass Pay Plugin settings.

Available from / Available until - Define start & end date of promption. If customer tries to use voucher before "from" date or after "until" date, voucher will not be accepted.

Restricted products - Allows to exclude specific types of "promotions" from cart when using voucher (Types of products in osclass pay plugin). As example, you may restrict voucher to not allow purchase on this voucher Credit packs, as these provides discount in it's definition. When you choose Credit packs to be restricted and user has some pack in cart, it will not be possible to add voucher into cart and if it's in cart already, it will be dropped.

Enabled membership groups - Vouchers can be issued just for particular membership groups (based on Osclass Pay Plugin), so your premier customers may get higher discount than the others.

Enabled users - To restrict voucher just for particular customer, or group of customers, you can search & add these customers to enabled users. Only these customers will be able to use your voucher.

Note: Voucher Plugin is based on Osclass Pay Plugin functionality and it require Osclass Pay Plugin to be installed on your osclass to enable usage of vouchers to your customers.


Product features and functionality

Basic documentation included
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Product support includes

12 months access to support and latest updates
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Support does not include

Customization service, custom work or feature requests
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Changelog - Product updates history

1.1.1 Fixed bug with reduction & minimal amounts those might not load properly when editing voucher
1.1.0 PHP 8.0 compatibility update, additional minor fixes
1.0.3 Minor update on database structure
1.0.2 Updated language file
1.0.1 Package reupload
1.0.0 Initial release
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Product rating: 5.0 - Excellent, based on 2 reviews

Perfecto by Inmo Sistem on 3. Nov 2021

5.0 - Excellent
Buen plugin

Perfect addition to the Osclass Pay plugin by MvdO79 on 9. Oct 2021

5.0 - Excellent
This is a perfect addition to the Osclass Pay plugin, attract new users and reward existing users by offering discounts and vouchers.

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