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Business Directory Plugin? There is better!

Lately osclass introduced new plugin called Osclass Business Directory for not a few buck, so we've take a look on it.


Osclass Business Directory Plugin overview

First what you are looking on plugin is:

  1. Functionality
  2. Design
  3. Compatibility



Plugin allows to create simple page landing page for business where user can define:

  • logo
  • services
  • social networks
  • brand color

Contact seller form is available as well.



As usual, osclass plugins are not designed well. Their design is based on bender theme build in 2012 or so, in gray colors with not good look at all. Basically it looks like design is made by coder, that has no idea about it. Without modifications in design, you cannot use plugin at all, it would not attract customers to stay on your page.

You must keep in mind there will be additional cost (money or time) required to make this plugin looking at least good.



Osclass team guarantee compatibility from version 3.6, that's bit weird as most plugins is compatible from at least v3.3 (drag & drog uploader introduced). It should work with any standard theme.



Design is terrible and cannot be used, functionality is not exemptional, but it's sufficient, compatibility is bit weird especially for older osclass website. Generally this plugin would be nice for $10, but not for $30. So what OsclassPoint did? We've shown it can be done much better in all the ways for less money!


Business Profile Osclass Plugin

We've created ultimate plugin for business that allows to turn osclass into shop directory. Sellers can create business profiles and attract even more customers

  • validation of profiles
  • great design that match to all the themes
  • easy integration - just install & go
  • much more functionality
  • cooperates with google maps, profile picture and osclass pay plugin
  • monetize your osclass - connect profiles to osclass pay membership program and let get paid for business profiles - with no extra work
  • cheaper comparing to osclass one


Do not pay more than you need, check Business Profile Plugin out and decide where you get more value for less money!

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