Osclass Themes and Osclass Plugins

Madhouse osclass themes and plugins are down!

Madhouse team has been developing osclass products for several years, these products were of very good quality. Visual and functional parts were very well prepared and these guys from France brought new blood to osclass. Unfortunately, as you might noticed, osclass madhouse is down.

In last days, osclass market has removed all madhouse themes and plugins, It's pitty that you could see their products on market even 2 years after they've stopped to respond - yes, madhouse products bought via osclass market in last 24 months were without support.

We've tried to fullfil your needs for similar functionalities than madhouse had in their products.


Madhouse themes

Only one theme has been developed - McFly osclass theme - of very simple and intuitive design, average functionality and good plugin support.


Madhouse plugins

There are several plugins created by team, some of them are not functional anymore.

Madhouse messenger - one of the best selling and most famous plugin for osclass, even osclass market is using this plugin with small modifications until today. As plugin has not been updated for years, it may not reflect needs of today's world and may be incompatible with some of the themes. As replacement, take a look on Instant Messenger Plugin with even more functionality.

Madhouse seo - ultimate plugin for search engine optimization with rich customization functionalities, however at time of publishing of this plugin there existed already several good if not better solution as this seo plugin, as example All in One SEO Plugin.

Madhouse facebook - when official facebook connect plugin has stopped to be updated by osclass team (probably to support sales), facebook login from facebook was most used social login with about 60 updates at all. Currently this plugin is not functional anymore, after last update of facebook SDK. You can use Facebook Login Plugin instead for free!

Madhouse avatar - most popular plugin for showing avatars/profile pictures. Sales were pretty impressive when considering that there were free profile picture plugins, mostly for each theme.

Madhouse availability, Madhouse emailmagick, Madhouse mailchimpt and some others are not as popular as above 4 examples.


Keep in mind, that madhouse products are not updated anymore and in case of any troubles, you are alone there. Anyway you still can use our support forums to look for some support. Even madhouse products has no support now, they are still protected by author's rights and spreading them is crime!