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Introducing Blog Widget for Osclass

You tell us and we listen. Recently we've recieved more requirements on how to easily put articles from blog plugin into osclass pages, like home or listing page and there is solution - widgets.

Widgets for Osclass Blog Plugin

There are 2 types of widgets those can be used:

  • Grid - ideal for large-size blocks, especially home page, designed in masonry style
  • List - best for sidebars and small-size blocks

Blog plugin also allows to define serveral properties on widgets:

  1. Enable/disable widgets
  2. Type (mentioned above)
  3. Limit articles for list widgets (Note that grid widget use up to 5 articles)
  4. Select category used to load articles

OsclassPoint team believes you enjoy this new feature. Never forget we listen feedback/ratings/reviews you gave us and term "Leave us review to improve our services" is not just phrase. You may find more information about best osclass blog plugin on link bellow.

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