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Osclass 8.0.1 release

Osclass 8.0.1 release review

We've been working for several weeks on new update and it's time to release it and share with community.


PHP 8.1 initial work

First steps to make Osclass compatible with 8.1 has started, currently we are being blocked by external libraries Osclass use those are yet not ready for PHP 8.1 and generate notices/errors.


Mobile ready installation

Installation process has been redesigned in order to make it fully responsive, so there is no issue to install Osclass from mobile device. Besides this update, we've improved installation on PHP 8.0 and now correct responses are returned to customer from database, i.e. if database connection is not working properly.

Osclass mobile ready installation


Contact forms now can be completely disabled

Sometimes it happens you really need to shut down contact forms on your classifieds, especially when your form is being completely spammed. When form is disabled, it is not even possible to make POST request to it and send message. This will solve common problem when admin removes forms from front, but spam mails are still being generated.

Following forms can be disabled:

  • Web/general contact form
  • Item contact form


RTL support for languages

Admin can now set language as RTL one directly in backoffice. Until now RTL identification was usually solved by themes, but from 8.0.1 themes may rely on this setting and show content using proper direction.

Osclass languages RTL support


Ban rules processing and evaluation redesign

Until now, when checking active ban rules (registration, new listing creation, ...), osclass always retrieved all ban rules into 1 variable and evaluated email and IP rules. With this update, Osclass will do 2 queries to database and tries to limit response from database as much as possible.

This allows to have much larger dataset of ban rules (i.e. generated by anti-spam plugin) and evaluate them quicker.


Alerts table redesign

Alerts table in backoffice got new feel & look and is now much easier to work with. New columns status, status color and unsubsribe date has been added.

Subscriptions table in Osclass


Other updates

  • New option in Tools > Cleanup to remove old alerts
  • Upgrade process improvements - it should be now easier to upgrade your Osclass
  • "Osclass XY is available" message will not be shown anymore after update
  • oc-content folder can now be included in upgrade process as well (Settings > General)
  • Optimization files (css & js) are now cleaned after upgrade. They are also cleaned on numerous actions, like plugin/theme activation/deactivation etc.
  • Numerous bug fixes (auto-upgrade, searching & counting items with pictures, optimization of SQL queries, notices on installation process, market sorting, ....)


For list of all updates, please check Osclass changelog.