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Osclass v4.1 major update released

Major osclass update overview

Osclass mega-update brings tens of new features and improvements, including maintenance, security, user interface, new functions & functionalities, improvements and bug fixes.

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Location new fields and source

There has been plenty of updates made to locations as well as to core itself to work properly with new fields. 

  • Native country/region/city name - from osclass 4.1 you can translate location name into 1 extra language - native one. Function is not meant to be standard translation as for category or listing data (due to performance limitation), instead it allows to put country name into native form. As example consider website having english language and i.e. arabic language (RTL) that use different symbols. English visitors would not understand to arabic characters, arabic visitors may not understand to english characters. Now you can put name of country, region & city into english as well as into native form (arabic). Another examples would be english/japan, english/vietnam, english/russian etc.
  • Show locations in native form - language settings - when enabled, visitor browsing website in selected language will see location names in their native form (incl. all location related functions)
  • Country default phone code & currency - you can now setup default currency code (EUR, USD, GBP, ...) and default phone code - prefix (+1, +85, +420, ...) those are autocompleted into currency & phone fields on listing publish page. This update should not require theme updates. Except this, you may use these new fields on numerous different functionalities.
  • City corrdinates - city now contains latitude & longitude those allow to locate city on map. You can enter coordinates manually or use osclass location import functionality (new one), where source files contains data for more than 250 countries, including coordinates for cities. This functionality may have great usage for radius search or showing data on map. In next revision all "map related" plugins should use this table as main source for coordinates.
  • Location update in backoffice - when you change location name in backoffice, this change is reflected also to existing users data (this was not present in osclass before)
  • Import location function - this functionality now contains new source, including data for 254 countries as well as coordinates for cities


Auto-upgrade functionality

Osclass v4.1 finally brings fully functional auto-upgrade functionality. For core updates, admin can choose what udpates can be automatically installed on its osclass (minor, major, new branch), if plugin updates should be auto-installed, if theme updates should be auto-installed and last, if language updates should be automatically installed.

Auto-upgrade functionality is executed via cron so make sure you have setup cron correctly for your osclass via cron panel in your hosting.

  • based on admin settings, osclass core is updated. Admin is contacted via email about updated
  • if plugin/theme updates are enabled, osclass will check for new updates at osclasspoint.com and if available, install them. This is valid for free & premium products, in case they were purchased. This function require to correctly setup OsclassPoint API key for authentication purpose (including free products)
  • when language updates are enabled, language files are automatically copied into your osclass installation when new version is found


Another important updates

There are more updates those does not require own section:

  • Images can now be rotated on publish page (image rotation), this update should not require theme updates
  • Admin can now set in listing settings, if phone number is visible only to logged-in users or to everyone
  • Users table in oc-admin has been redesigned, now shows last modification or registration date and last user access date
  • Users last access date logging has been fixed and changed, originally it was logging user activity once per hour, now it has been changed to once per minute
  • New function osc_user_is_online($user_id = '') added to core, that returns true if user has been online in last 5 minutes, false otherwise
  • Cron history is now available in oc-admin settings page, this helps administrators to control and watch more closely if cron is running properly, as this information was not visible in backoffice at all
  • "Show phone on the listing page" is now checked by default on publish page
  • There has been work done on alerts functionality, including optimization, fixes as well as change in notification email. Email now contains table with list of new listings with their pictures, title and description (originally, only list of links has been included)
  • Default "per page" settings in oc-admin has been changed from 10 to 25. On multiple pages option "500 per page" has been added as well
  • Oc-admin login now contains button to show/hide password you are entering into password input
  • Label for auto-cron functionality in setting has been updated, to clarify this feature is for testing purpose only and does not fully replace cron setup via cron panel in hosting
  • Admin can now change default behaviour of search pattern. Full-text search is enabled by default in osclass (boolean), this can be changed to "Contains mode" that enables to search part of word and "NLP" mode that stands for nature language processing mode. For more details on NLP check mysql documentation.
  • TinyMCE v4 has been replaced with latest TinyMCE v5.4
  • Admin can now enable TinyMCE (rich text, rich editor) on listings description when adding new listing (front & back office)
  • When editing static pages or email templates, you can now insert image into content simply by pasting it directly into text (paste image to text). Image will be auto-uploaded to server by osclass.
  • Image regenerate/refresh process has been redesign and improved. Once regenerate process is reaching time limit of php, it's paused. Admin can then again restore process at point it stopped, so it is not need to start from beginning
  • Multiple error notices fixed in core
  • Fixed vulnerability CVE-2018-14481
  • All osclass core translations has been updated, en_US version now contains also .pot files (PO template) those allows simply update other translations from this template file, without loosing existing translations
  • Updated Sigma frontoffice theme to latest, including lot of improvements in theme
  • Updated Omega backoffice theme to latest, including lot of improvements in theme
  • Osclass by OsclassPoint is now available at sourceforge.net (https://sourceforge.net/projects/osclass-by-osclasspoint/)