Osclass Themes and Osclass Plugins

Osclass Market has been closed! OsclassPoint.com became most popular osclass market!

"The king is dead, long live the king!"

Recently we've received message from osclass with statement that official osclass market is being shut down in September 5th.

"Dear Osclass Market User, We regret to inform you that the Osclass Market will be closing permanently on September 5th. As of that date, your Market account will no longer be accessible, and you will not be able to download any purchases. Please access your account and go to My Downloads and My Purchases to download all of your products by September 5th."

Let me explain what does this means for you, osclass comunity and OsclassPoint customers:

  • closing of osclass market has no effect on osclass script/project and will continue in same way as until now
  • OsclassPoint.com is not affected, we continue as we did in last years, expanding, creating new products and releasing many updates
  • it is not quite clear in what way free products will be accessible to osclass users


Osclass script/project after market closure

There are no indications yet osclass script should be affected in any way after official market is closed. It's true that intensity of updates has been increasing in last 2 years, but still osclass is best script for osclass... there is no competitor around there. Questionable is in what way osclass free plugins and themes will be accessible to community as market will be down, in worst case scenario we will upload all of them at OsclassPoint.com


OsclassPoint.com became biggest osclass market

Once official market will be closed, OsclassPoint will be clearly biggest and most popular market for osclass. We've been building our market for years with dedication to client experience, providing fastest supports and super quick updates and we will not stop! We have released more than 12 products last year and 8 products already this year and currently having almost 60 osclass themes and plugins available at OsclassPoint market.


Why official market is closing?

There are no doubts that reason for closure are decreasing sales in last years, but what is behind that? We believe there are multiple indicators leading into closure. You might noticed in last years most of best osclass developers left osclass market including MB Themes, it did not happen just from day to day and here are several key points to not go to osclass market:

  • osclass took 35% commission but did not provide any kind of support to developers
  • developers were requested to generate invoices for customers (not osclass team, they took just commision)
  • ignored any suggestions & improvements to osclass market itself, as their market was "poor" on functionality
  • continued selling products of authors those were not active for years (as example McFly theme - removed after 2 years of author's inactivity)
  • new updates pending osclass validation for months (osclasspoint has immediate updates activation)
  • dark practices - our osclass pay plugin validation was hold for several months until they've updated osclass payment plugin with membership feature that osclass pay plugin had... but osclass pay was and is still much more powerful ;)
  • meaningless conditions on products, updates declined due to very minor issues, osclass forums rules (like you cannot !!! put any link to external site on osclass forums, you cannot use your logo, you cannot use your company name) etc
  • too many people on project to be paid, but just too few people able to work, provide updates and support

Edit: Osclass Market is closed already

As you might noticed, official osclass market has been closed on 6th September 2019, their site is completely down and all free modules and themes available here are gone as well. Please find our another topic with list of themes and plugins that are available to download. We have not collected all free products, just best and most useful out of them.