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Osclass 8.0.2 major release

Osclass 8.0.2 review

May osclass update comes after several months of work and follow continuous improvements from 8.0.1. Today we will do just quick summary to avoid long stories :-)

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Upsert function support

New function has been added into core that greatly helps developers to update or insert data into database without need to explicitly check if record already exists in table

Image canvas background

It is possible now to change canvas background for media and can be switched from white to black. This means, if you do not use "best crop" or "force image aspect" features, white background added to image can now be changed to black.

Username generator options

Admin can now change the way how username of user is being generated. Until now, if no field was provided on registration page, username was equal to user ID and only admin could change it. Now, unique username can be generated based on user real name, improving SEO and links structure, as user public profile URL use username.

Media section in backoffice redesigned

One of last sections with terrible design and functionality should now bring more options to manage listings media. We hope you like design enhancements!

Osclass media section

Renew button is available in backoffice

Admin can now easily renew listings those are eligible for renew. Elible means, that renew button is visible (or is enabled) to listing owner in front office.

Renew option in backoffice

Language codes updates

Numerous updates and improvements made especially when switching language, using language code in URL (static pages) etc. Osclass now supports also 2-letter language codes (when switching language). Static pages also supports 2-letter language codes (i.e. yourdomain.com/ru/static-page-p22).

Native support for theme tables

Themes can now push their tables to core queries in order to reduce amount of queries required to generate page, especially on home & search page. This includes theme item and category tables.


Other important updates

  • Osclass generator meta tag can now be hidden in backoffice. New filters has been added to meta generator in order to be able to manage generator content without need to update core.
  • osc_register_script function now enable to define script attributes like deferred or async
  • Meta tags (title) construction has been improved especially for plugins and does not require to use section "custom" in order to use plugin defined meta tags
  • PHP mailer updated to latest version
  • Created numerous of new filters and hooks to easily manage core output
  • Improvements for PHP 8.1 (still not fully supported)
  • Improved installation process and design
  • Fixed and improved search query, especially buggy parts with counts
  • Fixed "best crop" media option that was in some cases incorrectly calculating proportion of image and its dimension
  • Fixed domain function that was used in API calls and caused issues to domains of type: domain.xx.yy


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