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Osclass 4.3 major update

Osclass release overview

Osclass belongs to best classifieds scripts for years and it's continuos development is important and today we bring compatibility update of osclass to work properly on newly released PHP 8.


PHP v8 compatibility update

It may seem like small step, but actually PHP 8 brings a lot of differences those needed to be checked and considered. We've reviewed all core files of osclass, but not just that. This update indirectly includes also update of more than 120 products available at OsclassPoint.com, so basically our whole osclass ecosystem should work properly with PHP v8.0.

In case you are getting some kind of notices or errors after moving to PHP 8.0, make sure to update all your themes & plugins and if problem persists, create support ticket for premium products or use support forums for free products.


Customization section in backoffice

Most usual problem in osclass was how to keep custom modifications separated from update, as if you modify something in theme, osclass or plugin, it will be removed after update. For theme complex theme modifications, there is option to use child themes in osclass, but for not so skilled people those just want to change colors, fonts or basic styling, there is now opportunity to add your own CSS code in backoffice that will not be affected by update.

You may find this field in Oc-admin > Appearance > Customization

Customization section in osclass


Phone number in user table

You may now find phone number of users in user table list. In case you would like to be checking user data in more convenient way, this is right functionality for you.

Phone number in user table


Other updates

To see full list of updates and changes, make sure to take a look on osclass changelog where you may find changes also from previous version.