Osclass Themes and Osclass Plugins

How to start new classifieds


Osclass is the best script for classifieds, better than Wordpress, Yclass or anything else, however even osclass require a lot of time for initial setup and maintenance. If you do not have time, do not start classifieds, you will need at least 1 hour per day to maintain listings, remove spam, create content and optimize SEO. It is never ending work.



Do you want to start with bender theme (default osclass template)? Forget about it, do not even try. Design is 50% of success and using free theme with old and boring design will not bring desired result. You may argue that you know sites with bad design and they works - yes, but those sites were created 15 years. Simply said you cannot succeed without beautiful, clean and functional theme. 

When choosing right theme, do not look on your personal preferences, select theme with pixel perfection, easy to use and work with, perfect navigation, cool functionality, responsive design and quick loading.

Do you need mobile app? Of course not, do not waste money where you do not need, invest it rather to advertisement. Most osclass themes are mobile ready and application is not required, more, who would use application for empty classifieds...


Get content

If you do not own resale company (bikes, cars, ...), at start you will have problems to get any listings to your osclass classifieds, as your site is empty and does not attract sellers to post listings there and there are no buyers as well. So what to do? It's simple, get content from other classifieds:

  • Select 2-3 in-country classifieds those has daily new listings.
  • Manually copy 10-20 listings each day to your osclass. Do not forget to upload pictures as well. For better SEO, slightly modify title and description of these listings, so your site does not look like pure duplicate in search engines. Set listing's expiration to at least 90 days.
  • Add your web to different directories, try to mention it on some forums, exchange backlinks,...
  • Validate new listings, remove anything that looks like fraud or spam. It's better to have 100 unique rich listings, then 10 000 of spammy listings.
  • Contact sellers and offer them you will be adding their listings to your classifieds, most of sellers will not argue as it is advertisement for free
  • Spend some money on Google Adsense, websites advertising here might get better position in search.


Search Engine Optimization

Spent few days on optimization of your osclass so it looks better in search engines and you get higher rank. People will most probably find you on Google so it is important once your listing or site is shown there, to show information effectively so you get hit.

For more detailed information and different tips check our guide SEO for Osclass.



Classifieds will not run just like that, without your action. You may encounter problems with spam, duplicate lisitngs, fraud offers etc. Validate or at least review each newly published listing and make sure it is valuable for your customers. When your customers will see just spam listings on your osclass, they will leave. These listings has no value at all.

To fight with spam use Spam Solution Plugin that prevents to add duplicate listings, allow to define ban words (when used, user is banned) and bad words (when used, word is replaced with ***). You site should be in stabilized position when you have at least 1000 listings and daily there are at least 20-50 new listings. You can then stop to add listings by yourself and just care about maintenance, clean content, functionality improvements...